i woke with an idea

this morning i woke up with this idea. well. actually, i woke up with memories of this dream, where i had this hummer. and i had a motorcycle that was more like a monster than a motorcycle. it didn't even have handlebars. it was all motor, and covered in this red cowling and that was covered in silver flames. and i had this house on a hill, but it was like a rolling bungalow house, and it wasn't run down, but there was nothing new about it, and it was warm and sunny outside, it was maybe in california, but for sure somewhere west of the mississippi, and i had been drinking at this bar, and looking out the window at the cars going by and i was thinking how nice it was here, and how my hummer wasn't really a hummer at all, but if hummers were like the one i was dreaming about, then i could understand why people have hummers in the first place, which got me to thinking. What if i took all of my text and things that i've said and i put them into a blog? I mean, couldn't i then just upload daily with ease, and not having to open up dreamweaver, and be sure that i had the files at both my home and my work, and couldn't something like a blog work for the way i want to reference the archives on my site? and couldn't i use the old cover pages as images within the blog, so that one could scroll through the blog and connect the dots, (being the things i've said with the photos i've made) and wouldn't that be easier?

and i didn't really know if it would, because like people always said, with the microwave oven you'll have so much more time. and stuff like that. Maybe this is like a microwave. I mean, maybe it makes things more complicated. But, like i said, this was an idea that i woke up with, and when you wake up with an idea, sometimes that's considered inspiration. and when you're inspired, you've got to grab the bull by the horns. (mioko says that there are two ways to consider projects. one is to grab the bull by the horns, and the other is to bite the bear's ear... bite the bear's ear comes from her mental image of the expression, play it by ear. ) this is one of those cases where i think it's better to grab some horn. Let's see how it pans out.