alright. it doesn't seem to get the site updated more frequently, but i see an opportunity to talk about why it hasn't been updated than to just update it.

I'm going to be patient while i consider the meaning of this realization.

today i brought a roll of different films to the studio for scanning. looking down the road here.

i think film is coming back man. Yea. I can feel it. it's like, the processing, the dust, the printing, scanning, editing, hours and hours bent over a light table, the mark ups, all of it, the dodging the burning, all of it man. it's so much more core than just, "Snap!" cool. i mean, consider the waste! generating all that trash! bleach, and fixer and plastic and empty spools and lots of water and man! think about it. it's like saying Eff You to the big digital companies. "Eff You to your megapixels! Down With Digital!"

and maybe they'll come up with a gasoline powered camera we could all buy.