plump and juicy

well, i've just finished this book. it was called 'ender's game' a sci-fi book that con loaned me. she said it was probably the best book she's ever read. probably the best book ever written. I don't know if i'll go along with that last bit, but it was a good book. I read it in just a couple of days. but i bought these raisins at the store. Plump and Juicy they said right on the box. and it was no lie. they were plump and juicy. but now, my body is not in the mood. it's full of raisins. you see what i mean?

so i spent a minute working on putting some of the older posts up here. it's going to take some time. getting back to that bit a was saying about the microwave saving time. In this case, it might actually save time in the end, but it seems i've got miles of track to lay before we can bring the iron horse out of the carousel.

and then there's the matter of sorting through all the cover pages and linking them with the previous posts in chronological order, and then remodeling the site to either embed this blog or smooth link or something. so it's taking a little time, but i think it's going to work out.

i made only one photograph today. it was a storefront. a store front under the smith and 9th street F train in brooklyn. it had the normal beer posters and cigarette ads in the window, but it also had an american flag in it. this is not so unusual since everyone went around waving flags all over the place and putting american flags on any surface they could stick one to after blowing up the twins a few years ago, but what was nice about this one is that it was upside down. Like the indians back in the days of Leonard Pelletier, when the BIA was sending their goons out in the cover of night as well as the light of day to mow down any remaining indians in the badlands. the flag the indians flew for their own justice, their own sovereignty. It strikes a strong cord when i see a flag like that out in public. makes me smile. even though it was negligence not insubordinance that landed that flag on its ass. it's coming soon to the site, but for now, i'm willing to bet your mental image of the photo is probably stronger than the reality of it.

in other news, i am inserting this blogging device today on the actual site as a replacement for the old links/text/bla bla files and begin to muscle through the archives. Once i've got it tuned in, the "previously seen on dtown" link will go away, and the site should be a little less choppy. THIS IS ONLY A TEST! so bear with me, but comments, concepts, and ideas are always welcome. thanks!