alright man. i'm still at the studio just now, but i wanted to say something yesterday and there was some sort of conflict with the servers or something, listen, that's out of my hands if it goes down like that.

let's see. what's happened?

that dude, Hunter S. Thompson has killed himself (or did he?) and then there was that deal where The Pope died. (or did he?!) which by the way, get a load of the very rare photograph of yours truly and The Pope in San Rafael California Circa 1996 on the cover there. Yes. I am down with the papacy. I know some cardinals too. i'm tring to find the picture of me with Cardinal Degan and an american flag growing out of my head.

Um, i sprained my hand? could be a hairline fracture, but the specialists aren't ESPECIALLY GOOD at calling you with information, so i'm just riding it out. Well. I didn't sprain it anyway. Them cops over in the sixth precinct did it. Now, that's a story all to itself. like, when good times turn bad. But hey, i haven't been ganged up on by a bunch of cops in a jail cell since i was about 17, so it was time for a refresher course. (which reminds me, i should practice parallel parking a Ford F9000 Armored Truck again soon. Never know when that might come in handy) But seriously, it was an eye opener. Lord knows how i like to stretch the limits of probability, and low and behold THEY say i sent one man to the hospital for bumping me on the street, and i say, maybe i did. (but i'm pretty sure i didn't) and in the wake of it, 4 or 5 of New York's Finest sure sent ME to the hospital. HA! you see how we come full circle? Well. it's one for the books anyway. I gotta write one of those.

For now, rest assured, i am still snapping photos. i am still working on the update, ol' Todd C. has me refocused, and i will get some of those images up here before too long. i couldn't get my mugshot from the fuzz, so, i can't share that one with you. I bet you'd like it. They sent some sort of all points bulletin around about me, in case i was a terrorist or something, but you guys don't have to worry much, just don't bump shoulders with me on the sidewalk unless you plan on apologizing right away.

Oh, i got that new DVD today from the good people at http://www.reopen911.org the one about "confronting the evidence" you should check it out. i'm going to do that like, tonight, or maybe tomorrow night. Me? i already want that case reopened, but i love to be reminded why. It's just like being reminded why i don't like jocks and cops. Keeps me aware of where i stand on personal freedoms. How about you?