in the saddle

wow. that was a lengthy delay. Sorry to those of you who checked back with a sense of religion, much has been going on, and none the least of which is a dose of procrastination, some bruised ribs, a sprained hand, and a refreshing perspective of the NYPD and their definition of Reasonable Force. Very inspirational. So much so that I’ve proudly taken up smoking again. (it only hurts when I laugh!)

Back on Deck here, the Pope died, there’s a new guy in there, some elephants came through town with this dude who is into Vanilla Ice riding on top of one of them. There were some miniature horses and some miniature sport bikes in the studio, as well as Dan Rather stepping down and Peter Jennings getting ‘the cancer’.

ReOpen 911 is plodding forward, they’ve just released their new DVD, it is sinful how they can’t find someone who knows anything about production value. (unless the video is aimed directly at the deep south and the corn fed Midwest Ignorami.) NOTE: ignorami is defined by danconnortown as, “ a bit like the illuminati, but exponentially less informed.) in this case, I would say the video is divine. If you’re interested in the content verses the presentation, please check it out for yourselves. http:://

Anyways, Michael Jackson is in some hot water, but somehow I’m not getting quite enough coverage of it here in new york. It’s something to do with the cable I think. I hear they were blocking out some sports, but maybe they’re got a legal issue with sharing Michael’s Fate with us as well.

Politically, I haven’t got much to say, unless Earth Day really did already come and go. I remember when folks knew when that day was. (I always thought it was like, the 22nd of april or something) I haven’t even heard the expression in years. Earth Day. Hmm.

Been listening to them Kaiser Chiefs quite a bit. I like the sound.

Got a bunch of new Broncolor stuff for the studio, one of them big Para umbrellas too.

Oh plus, I’m back on the bike man. That’s the thing. Back in the saddle. That’s what I was going to say. I get to ride my bike now. The hand has healed up enough that I can squeeze the handlebar again, and the ribs, well. Like I said, it only hurts when I laugh. And that collarbone? Hell. Good as new. Just looks like a ZZ top Key Chain. So that’s been good man. Thanks for asking.

Anyway, there’s pictures to see, so cheggim out and lemme know if you’re having trouble with your danconnortown account.

by the way, for some reason, i can't make my hyperlinks work and stuff. it's not as easy as i'd like using this blogger thing, so it's likely i'm going to ditch it, just not today. there's a tasty sandwich with my name on it i'd rather have. But next time?

(it’s like, gray and breezy today. Maybe like 50’s or so out there.)