sunday in brooklyn

well, there was a day off that i enjoyed quite a bit.

I had a nice late brunch, went to this cuban spot in carrol gardens, where i ate my face off and drank mojitos. very good food, and girls would call it "a really cute place"

then i shopped. bought some new kicks, and walked around brooklyn heights and what not for the afternoon with Mio. that was good times.

then, we went and checked out Kung Fu Hustle, which i gotta tell you, made me laugh right out loud quite a few times. I mean, that was a very entertaining movie. If you don't think so yourself, it's because you got bad taste in what's good. I walked out of there wishing my ribs didn't feel like they'd been kicked by a horse, but happy they did too.

B61 back to base, dumped the card, and put up a little dose of the day. all shot today, all uploaded tonight. that's how i mean to do it. (thanks again ol' Todd C for keeping the fire stoked on ol' danconnortown's rump) i'll see about being more diligent, but hey. Who can say what tomorrow is going to be about?

Sorry to the folks in Japan about your train crash this afternoon. Looked like a real humdinger. Hope it doesn't turn out to be because the kid driving just felt like seeing how fast the train would go.

anyway, i'm going to take a nap.

be good to each other today, and check back when you can.

(feels like it's about 40˚ out there)