Wha' HAPPEN?!!!

wow man. so many things have happened since the last update. Don't worry too much, there is always going to be a little something going on. It's the way things work. I'm good, i'm good. thanks for asking... The hand didn't heal quite right, but you know, the way NYPD has been doing their business lately, i consider myself a very lucky mang.

What happened to the site was, my host got bought out by this other company, that completely sucked. It was like, overnight, the rules, pricing, and service suddenly sucked ass. (not in the good way) And i didn't even realize they sucked so hard because i was busy man. Busy doing stuff, mostly trying to stay cool. You know how the city can be in July man. it's moist.

anyway. Got a new host, but hadn't had time to upload the files. and on top of that there are some conflicts with my naming conventions, which is more technical mumbo-jumbo than you're interested in, but by way of explaination, that's what's going on. I've been trying to fix little links day after day, and get them up and in place, but for the next little bit there are going to be some 404 files until i work out all the kinks.

But you know what? I still be snappin' the pitchas dawg. (say it again, out loud, and say it real obnoxious like... drag that daaaawwwg...) I still be snappin' the pitchas dawg!

so, good news is, in a stretch, maybe a week? there's going to be a fairly stout update. And you know what else? There's word on the street that i may have a "regular" work schedule soon, that doesn't include a maximum of 4 hours of sleep per day. And THAT folks is what's going to make it possible to fly the dtown flag in all its true glory.

for now, i've got to catch a bus to a train. I don't want to be sweating like a god damned pig all day, and you know what? You ride your bike from here to there on a day like today, and you're gonna be sweating like a god damned pig all day.

Last night, it was like, i don't know, midnight plus, and i was in the Broadway Lafayette trainstation with a back pack full of fresh fish, sitting down reading a book, the sweat was pouring off my head, probably looked like i was crying. And there were those dudes with the hoses just spraying the water all over the place, and next to me were these two tourists from somewhere. France or something. and after about a half an hour sweating our asses off, there was this giant explosion, i mean, loud enough to make folks jump out of their seats you know? And the lady, she freaks out. I mean, freaks!! she's trying to run to somewhere, but has no idea where to run to, and she's grabbing at me to get up, to do something, she actually pulls my glasses off, and i'm like, pretty deep in my book you know, this book about armageddon, but it's a comedy right? so i pick my glasses off the floor, and now people are scurrying all over the place, and her husband gets up to try and calm her down, and i'm like, (with my eyes) "hey lady, why do I have to get up because you're scared?" or "why did you just take of my glasses and grab my head?" more like. it was strange. But then, in true New York "i could give a shit" style, everyone sat back down and had a laugh for being frightened of a very loud unexplained explosion on a train platform at midnight on a monday in july, when Bush is the president.

ah. the good life.

anyway, it's nice to see you again.
i have to admit, i'm surprised you're back.

but thank you.


81˚ and climbing man. you can watch the mercury rise.
listening to the new Ween this morning.