B.R.M.C. becomes B.R.I.C.

FUHH KIN'GAYY! I am McPissed about this one. normally, i'm pretty easy going, just gimme some tequila, keep the cops 200 feet back, and a pack-o-fives. but this morning, after waiting what seemed like a little while, it finally came out.

The new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is nothing like i was told to expect. In fact, a few of the grossly exaggerated reviews i've read had the balls to say that this album was their best yet. I mean, MY NANA wouldn't even buy that shit. it's a lie. don't waste your time or money on this shitcake. That's TWO bad albums in a row. That's like, the Kiss of DEATH man. it's like, it's like that other band that took the NOSE DIVE...

there was this band called The Firebird Band, and they sounded great. and one time, con and scott, and this dude Misho, we all walked on down to see The Firebird Band, because they ROCK, and we got there, and they didn't rock. They SUCKED. it was like, a completely different band. it was like all the overweight highschool losers from the glee club and the AV department went out and bought iPods and thought they were a band. The front man was getting all pissed because his stupid iPod wouldn't synch up with his crappy performance. we were sure it was a joke. we were sure it wasn't even the firebird band. it was the firepanzy band. the fireposeur band. i'm still chapped about that.

but THIS? this rivals George W. Bush as president of the united states. It's like, it's... it's CRIMINAL. it's like when folks were saying that the new FooFighters was the best record of the summer. implying it was their best work yet. I mean, COME ON!!!

I heard stanton say this morning it sounds more like The Black Rebel IDIOT Club. and you know what? THEY ARE. jeeezum crow. I give 'em the BIRD. The FireBird Idiot Club Band.

and you know? sure. it's a rant. Sure it is. but i haven't even had breakfast, and these guys try to pawn off this record as something to listen to. i've got only one Question for these guys. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MY ROCK N' ROLL?! If i wanted to buy a gospel record that was all acoustic and schmarmy, i'd look in the GOSPEL section. Not even as a joke is this crapcake funny.

it's buying albums like this one, that make me regret playing fair and square and paying for my music (from time to time). i Figure B.R.I.C. owes me about 100 bucks, for time wasted and plastic purchased in their name.

welp. i gots to work, and i know, sometimes i'm funny right? sometimes i write things that are witty and clever and all of that, but i'm so furious with this turn of events i'm actually just venting. like a real blogger which ain't what i wanna be, but it is sort of refreshing.

bash something today. bash something that let you down, and bash it for all to see.

black rebel motorcycle club should consider changing their name to the White Christian Gospel Club.



_71˚ and friggin' gorgeous out there.