i came home last night and it was a very early night as my nights go. i was through the shower mill by 9, and sitting on the couch eating chinese out of a styrofoam box, watching Europa Europa by quarter past.

crackadawn i roll out of the bed and decide it's time to get some of these pictures up and in place, and as some have already been sized i can try to sequence them. you know, it's not just about dates, it's flavor right? so i start sequencing, and before you know it, another hour has passed and i say to myself over a red and gold fantasia 120, "you know connortown? this is taking much longer than it ought." And so, though it is not my proudest submission, it is a start, a new beginning. how long will it hold? Lord only knows. But i've still got tons of catching up to do with this before i can really say.

so for this morning, here is a glimpse of what's been going on over the past couple of months, but i've got hundreds more to resize and sequence and post, and hopefully, before i leave for Tulum, i will be up to date. This way, when i come back, i can show you some ruins, and some beach, and some sunshine that doesn't make you wish you were in finland in january.

i'm listening only to the hum of the airconditioner and the occasional clack of my ceiling fan. It seems the shuttle has landed today.

be good to each other.


danconnortown 77 and overcast. they's a storm-a-comin'