autumn comes

right, right, write.
today is all about tuning man. trying to tune it. get it tuned. listening to down like disco kind of on repeat, because there's something fluffy about it that works today. i'm even considering throwing it up on here, making like, an mp3 link or something, but i don't want them dandy's getting irked that i give their music away, but music is free man. i mean, well. that's not true. Sound is free, and i suppose if i pay for the up and download streaming, maybe they don't mind? maybe it makes you go buy their album? maybe it makes them think they're getting some free advertising? Hell. what the fuck do i know what they think? but that's how it's playing over here today.

over the weekend redhook got its first cruise ship. long about 8:15, or no, i guess it was more like 8:45 or so i heard the horns of that ship is she rolled on by, one block west of conover, coming up the east river. Big ol' boat, and did a little u-turn in front of the new landing site, got roped to shore and off came a couple of hundred old folks with wheel chairs and old nikon FM's strapped to their necks. They had no idea where the hell they were, and you know redhook, it's not like, one of those places that if you get plopped on the sidewalk, you would have any idea where you were either. But it was a morning i'll remember. I remember getting Mio into one of them car service lincolns and off to JFK>Japan and it was like, 60˚ out there and breezy, and i think in the shade it was dipping to 50. There were cops. More cops than i've ever seen in redhook before. they were coming in the windows. Two or Three of them on every corner saying things like, "You can try." or, "do you have a permit?" it was a real pleasure walking around my own neighborhood with a camera for a few hours. I did however "try" as one officer recommended, and i was able to get right on up to that boat. It was cool because usually you can't get back behind them fences without getting bit by some rabid assed mangy dogs with bad teeth. It's one of the few places left out here that isn't overcoated with the works of neckface, or UFO, or get bent, or any body else with a spray can in this town. In a way it was like this blank canvas, walls of corrugated steel and weathered concrete, no heaping piles of illegally dumped refuse and broken bottles. I mean, NOT FOR LONG, but it was nice to see there are still places folks with a couple of custom nozzles and a backpack full of krylon haven't been able to penetrate. I thought i was in the country or something.

In the end the ship's arrival was little more than a photo-op for the powers that want to turn the last frontier of brooklyn into the next west village, and drive us all out of here by hiking the rents to 3 or 4 grand for a studio apartment on the water, but you know? that's the story of new york city. The only thing that doesn't change is somebody absolutely pay more than you for your shitty little apartment that's falling over and doesn't have much water pressure, and is a hell of a walk up, but you know, that's why it was cheap. And in a few years, 2 or 3,000 dollars for a 600 square foot studio with no subway around it will seem like peanuts. (unless of course you don't happen to be one of them hummer drivers with bags of surplus cash piled in the corners of your grandaddy's warehouse space out by Lorimer.) In which case you'll keep making your 32k per year and just keep moving deeper east. Or (my guess) is that it won't be taboo to live in New Jersey. They'll probably just call it New New York or something, so that it will seem cool to go there. But either way, you're looking at a 2 hour commute on public transit to get to your 32k day job.

but i'm just speculating. I mean, with Bush in charge, maybe he'll subsidize all the housing in the country, and if it turns out you make under $106,000.00 per year, you'll get a subsidized rent stabilizer module, that makes your rent an even steven $750 per month, no matter where you live, and you get free healthcare and a membership to crunch. (providing you don't raise an eyebrow when halliburton gets the no-bid contract on revitalizing your neighborhood)

Oh, it's good it's good it's good. don't worry about it. i was just thinking about it, but you don't have to worry man. Bush won't do that to you. it's a free market out there. you can count on $3500 rents in the projects. they're coming. Probably what they'll do is boot all the "riff raff" out of the projects and turn them into Luxury Condos for white people that want to see cruise ships along the waterway. It'll make that little "dangerzone" between cobble hill / carrol gardens / and redhook a sexy little parking lot for the new Hummer H3's and those new Range Rovers with superchargers in them. You'll be able to shop at ikea and stores like West Elm will begin to appear where once only impoverished puerto ricans with fishing poles and second hand bicycles ruled the streets. The future is at hand people.

anyway. i haven't got any pictures to post today because i didn't take any yesterday. or at least none that i remember, but that's why i'm sitting here now. i'm trying to sort out some of the kinks with using a blog. you know, a blog isn't the way i want to do text on this site, but the catch is, i was so busy with work it seemed the only logical solution. As it turns out, now there's no work, but i don't feel like going to the hassle to switch it all back now, so i'll try and tweak it a little bit this afternoon.

in the meantime, dust off your umbrellas and start airing out your winter coats. summertime is now just a thing to remember, and before you know it, the leaves are going to be clogging your gutters.

keep it real, play All the Money Or The Simple Life Honey to keep yourself in check.

works for me.

dtown 78˚ waiting on that rain