black wednesday

today i "cleaned out my drawer". i also performed the walk of shame with my box it was different for me, because i didn't really have a drawer, and i didn't really have a box.

in my case i had a studio apartment's contents, and a wheelchair. sadly, i had wanted to leave the wheelchair for the people i used to work with to enjoy, but i frankly had too many things to carry. (a wheelchair is a surefire way to ensure you get a front seat on the bus by the way)

it was also awkward, because it was the day i brought all the gifts i had gathered while in mexico on vacation to give to my friends at work. i guess it's surreal in a way, and i suppose that's the story of my life.

i feel well rested now. i think i'm the most rested i've been in years. the last time i had so much time off was just about this time one year ago, when i was lying in bed doped up on percs and vicodins with a broken collar bone. it will be the anniversary of that crash in just a couple more days.

getting fired is interesting when it comes on the heals of a much needed vacation. i described it to a friend on the left coast as something akin to going to an expensive spa for a full day of massage and aroma therapy and all the bells and whistles, and then you step out the door and get hit by a bus.

it's like, the pain is so intense and sudden that you're sure you must have died, so it's not so bad at all. I feel like i've been walking around in that movie Waking Life for three days.

but it's been nice to see my girlfriend every day. to have dinners together, to lie in bed and read together, to work on my own computer and work on my images, which i am working on by the way.

i'm meeting some friends for dinner tonight, and that ought to be nice. they should be here any minute. I wonder if it will be mexican, or japanese, or middle eastern? something. i know it will be something. and i'm hungry just now, so until the next time...