Chris from TVT


what a week. my friend chris from TVT records died last night. 33 years old. He was a punk rocker. He was a guitar playing true blue new york underground musician. Rest In Peace ol' pal. it's been a kooky week. i tell you this much.

and hey, aside from people dying and losing their jobs and all that business, somehow in the process of merging my photo libraries, i've lost hundreds of pictures. i'm chalking it up to spending too much time working, and not enough time editing and posting images. so some are gone, and i'm not losing any tears over it, so neither should you. I won't worry about what i lost if you don't wonder what they might have been. digital media is not without its drawbacks, and hey, if i was sitting here typing and both drives on my desk just took a shit, and the internal drive collapsed as well, i'd still be able to take more pictures.

i seem to have lost a camera as well. It's got some great footage from my last party with the studio, but as i pour over these pictures, i see that perhaps i spent too much time documenting my life with the studio anyway. Folks would get the impression that all i ever cared about was life at shootdigital studios which isn't entirely true. I mean, sure, it was the biggest part of my life, but you know? there is more to me than making sure your cameras and packs are working and look like new. I like other things too. i like rock and roll, i like tequila and squirt. i like the left coast.

i'm going to get back to the import business of those images that want to be in the library, and hopefully by today's end, we'll be organized, and i can spend some time thinking about editing before it's too late to think, and too late to do.

love you all,
keep your chins to the sky, and your hearts pounding under your rib cages.

_d 79˚ and sticky