getting caught up

well, i'm getting to the point where i feel close enough to caught up on those summertime images. Today's update are the links numbered 08 thru 11. what happened in there? well there was the continuation of the Leaf Party held at Sd. The sort of party after the party. There’s a trip I made up to Vermont with some friends for the 4th of july, some new yorky stuff, including a recent shot of my favorite toilet in its current parking spot at E19, and you’ll also see a VERY RARE image of rocker Scott Stanton performing as Bono, singing Vertigo on a rooftop in NoHo … and then there’s the Sd Retreat, which I can say was a very good time indeed. Plenty of food, plenty of tequila, and plenty of good times. I’ve come to think of that event as my sort of last supper, as I was crucified the following Monday. It actually was a relatively biblical experience in many ways.

In other news, the dandy warhols put their new record out, and I’ve been giving it the ol’ thumbs up. Rolling Stone sort of gave it the bird, but I think Rolling Stone is a pretty washed up magazine, at least for the past 3 or 4 years, and I don’t go for their opinions on music. I think I’ve got a pretty good sense of when a record is good or not, and I happen to like this one.

Not much else to report. I’ve got to make some lunch and take care of some laundry. I was thinking I’d sweep and mop the floors in the living room today, (oh yea, my living room is in the update today too. You can see where I sit and play BurnOut 3 on my playstation while I’m waiting for images to process or what have you.)

I feel like there are some images from the summer that have disappeared, but if they turn up, I’ll get them posted for you.

Went to a housewarming party for Jackie and Jens last night out in the eastern burg, and it was good times. Played this card game called Donut. And there were nachos to eat and stuff like that.

Today being Friday, there is still no word on the touchdown of hurricane rita, but I heard there was a hell of an incident involving a busload of patients being evacuated from the hospital and some fire complicated by the presence of oxygen tanks. My word, that seems like a horrible way to go. My thoughts are with those who were only trying to get out of God’s way.

Let’s see what this kooky month has in store for us comes the tail end of it.

Keep your chins up, hug your friends, pay your student loans.


dtown 82˚ and sunny as it comes.