not a sound

last night i spent some time processing information inside of my brain. the thing about my brain is it's chock full of information. it's like a sponge. You know, my friend Doctor Jay out there in Sonoma County, California (a little known direct descendent of Johnny Appleseed himself) we used to sit around getting stoned on the porch, (*disclaimer: alright, i can't say if he ever actually inhaled or not, but i sure as hell did) and we would be filled with these profound thoughts... like how very fucking bright we were. And He came up with this idea, to write a book called "My Brain, The Sponge" and it would be filled a chronicle of our immense knowledge and understanding of all things in the world. I had this idea that folks could call me Danny Weed Seed, and what i was going to do was go around the country dropping weed seed all over the place, so that over time the yerba buena would be growing all over the place. It was brilliant. but i guess i forgot. I mean, we worked on the marketing and everything, but you know how it is, you get caught up in your other stuff, like paying rent, listening to the new music, what have you, and before long the weedseed project was only a memory.

so anyway, i was thinking about a few of the partitions filled with data in my skull, and got to thinking about books i've read, and people of met, and times i've had and all of those things, you know, packing bits, and rock and roll type stuff. People that didn't get me as a punk rock kid in redneck new hampshire and folks that did get me as a left wing christian liberal artsy fartsy type in heaven. Sure. I spent some time with The Lord. Where else would you want to learn about photography? Think about it.

well anyway. i had the house to myself. you know, Mio's in Japan, CJ crashes in the corner penthouse over yonder, and becca was out to timbo's place, so i was listening to the ghosts and stuff. my house is either haunted or falling over. I'm leaning toward the it's falling over odds, because it really is.

i spent about 4 hours just going over the details i've gathered from my removal from the studio, and i still disagree with it, even though i understand it now. I went and had a few stellas and some chicken wings with my boss to talk about exactly why i was let go. And now i'll tell you why it happened so that you can know too.

i made the boss have stress. And that stress made the boss worry. He was worried that i would say or do something catastrophic to the business, and felt that my way of doing things put the company at too great a risk.

when you make the boss have stress, he's sure to let you go. And while i was on vacation, he didn't feel any stress, so click. like a lightbulb turning on in the brain, an idea was born. dump connortown, and your stress is gone. easy as that.

now, i personally feel there are better ways to deal with it. Like you, or even your mom, everyone has some stress. and sometimes you don't like to hang out with your mom because she stresses you out. But typically you don't can your mom. You would maybe have a talk with her about it when you have this epiphone.

but what i've learned is that not everybody handles things the same way. And this was his way of handling it. like it or not, when you work for somebody, they get to call the shots.

after a little more tossing and turning i kissed the ducky and the bunny good night and drifted off to sleep. at least now i can explain why it happened. Was it a bad decision? well. i think so, but that's just my wallet talking. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

so today is fucking cold out. I mean, i feel like a sissy saying that 65˚ is cold, but i guess i'm just not adapted yet. 65 is fine man. it's not like, Minus 40 or something.

um, i put some new links on the blog, check 'em out. one of them is called Wall Eyed, and it's about signs found on walls.

I'm still trying to figure out some of the issues with the blog's code, but i don't like spending days tethered to a 700mhz emac. i mean, i guess it's faster than old puddly, my G4 at shootdigital, but the weather up until today has completely kicked ass, and i wasted it sitting at my chair trying to figure out a blog for pete's sake.

and i think i broke my little toe this morning. the little one on the left. I went out into the hallway and smashed it with tremendous force into the door jam. Those of you who have met me know how powerful my legs are, and for those who haven't, just imagine the power and force of a 4 ton log splitter. i'm a fucking monster. I mean Lance Armstrong has nothing on these. So i have to limp a little now. But it's not really a limp, it's more like i'm favoring an off camber instep.

alright. no pictures for you today. i've got to figure out some of these little bugs.

love and kisses,
dtown 61˚ and the sun is just peaking through the clouds now.