Hey man.
How was your weekend? right. Mine was good. thanks for asking. you know, the weekend takes on new meaning when every day is a weekend, but i suppose the difference is that your friends become available on them.

On saturday night i went to one of them williamsburg new york loft parties. you know the kind, deejays on the roof, everybody has the cool clothes, the music is what you would listen to if you were picking it, and every now and then it's peppered with something you haven't heard of yet, but wish you had. the drinks were vodka based and the back up was beers in cans. and you know, it snows in brooklyn in october. So it was one of those nights where i found myself walking home at 6 or 7 in the morning, and once i started walking, i just kept right on walking.

when was the last time i walked from the burg to the hook? (my point exactly)
so i took a walkabout. stopped in to Kellogg's Diner and spent a breakfast surrounded by gang bangin' ravers coming home from a night of debauchery still sipping on their $4 bottles of water. While on the walkabout i realized that my camera, the trusty canon A70, is getting its glitch again. Noisy images and the like, but hell. it's had a fair share of shutter snapping over the years, and i bet it's probably still covered since the last warranty repair, but i was doing some research, and you know, those folks at Canon are making some pretty burly cameras these days. that 7.1 megapixel chip has made its way into the update of the A70, they call it the a620 now, and i think that's going to be my replacement camera. (primarily because it is the only body that will accept the wide angle lens Mister Bacon got for me at christmas a couple of years ago) But also, i like a little something to grab onto in a camera, and i'm heavily invested in those rechargeable double A's.

it costs about the same as a two day rental of the Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 lens. (depending on how friendly you are with the rental house i suppose) So i think it's going to be a justifiable expense.

Oh, check this shit out. I was using the blogger spellcheck earlier, because (not that i'm worried about my spelling) i want to see how folks use pop up windows and tools and buttons and stuff like this. Well anyway, i was throwing a check on this document, and dig this. when it came up on the word Nikkor, which you know, i understand if the spell check didn't know the word, but check out what it gave me as the number one option to replace it with. You might have to click on it if it's a little small, but my word, how things have changed. What's funny is the LAST option was the word "nicer". HA! what a way we live isn't it?

So today's update is again fairly well sequenced in the order of occurance, with the exception of one image i jammed in photoshop. (see if you can guess which one it is) It covers the tail end of the party to the tail end of sunday. i covered some ground that day, and when i woke up from my nap on sunday morning i switched cameras on account of the noise and scramblin' the pinnercam has been making. Looks like a beautiful sunset out there, i think i'm going to walk on down to the docks and watch her go down over The Statch.

you all take care and be good to each other.
oh, PUC, that school i used to go to when i was only studying about photography, sent me a note this morning, said i'm linked up in their alumni section now. i've got to go check it out. You too. If you went to PUC, you would understand what an accomplishment this is. i've been trying to get linked up with these dudes for about 4 years now!

dtown 72˚ and the sun is setting behind some clouds that look like a herd of unicorns running toward the varizano.