he talks.

alright. i'm figuring out some stuff with you know, audioblogging and telling you how it is. Really this is only like a beta for me, you know, i want to figure out something that i saw earlier on the interweb, it was this dude in LA who uses audio blog skills and in there, his icon for the player, it stays, it... what it does is, when you click play, it plays in the window you know, it doesn't open up a quicktime window that's just grey with a little player in the middle. But i haven't figured out how he did it yet. So i'm making a, like a test version, (which is this one right here) and i'm going to noodle around some and see if i can make it do what i want to do, which is, you press play, and you hear what it is i want to say, and then, you can still be looking at the pictures or reading some text or poking around in the links or something in your spare time. I'm not sure how that's all going to pan out just yet, but it's something that i'm working on. Also trying to learn more about that new fangled RSS stuff, because i think that's going to be the way that folks who want to know when my website updates, well, they can know about it, and i won't have to send them an email you know, their browsers will just be hip to the updates or what.

I think once i've got some of those components worked out, then i'll start up with the podcasting, but i want to be sure of some things like, will i go to jail for that? (of course referring to things i haven't done yet, but that i'm thinking about, you know with the digital media and all.) I mean, if a podcast is like a radio show, then can i put songs on there and then other people can hear 'em? and isn't that the same as "sharing" your music with other people? and so then i figure it kind of is, but then, i really haven't had time to do much research on it. The nice thing about getting shitcanned from your day job is that you suddenly have all the time in the world to look into stuff like that, which is kind of what i'm doing. But, if you know answers to that type of stuff, tell me about it. shoot me an email or post a comment about it for all the world to see. I mean, this way, it's like we're all learning, and the curve doesn't seem so steep.

alright, thanks for coming by. I'll be back with pictures and stuff like maybe even tomorrow morning.

and hey. i'm sorry about my voice on there. it's a little rough from all the booze and tabackey last night. or maybe i was yelling. what the hell do i know? all i know is there was some cheeseburgers that got ate, and there was some pizzas that got ate, and i have a bruise on my palm from playing Gimme Five with eric vogel. the guy's a monster. (that's him up at the top of this post)

YEAH - THAT WEBSITE DISAPPEARED, AND THAT AUDIO POST IS JUST A MEMORY NOW.this audiolink is only a test. i mean, don't like, judge me for it. i'm actually pretty cool.

oh yea, and stanton, i've been listening to that Regina Spektor album a bit more lately. You're right. it's actually quite good. I was playing it because i got to thinking about when i had a desk just down the way from you, and i would always come in in the mornings and find you there listening to it. Play it today man, and you can think of me.

Hell. Everybody play it today, and it's like we're all one big happy family.

and hell. i know it's not the way i roll, but here's a little comedy for you.

(thanks to Rose Evans and Tom Tommorrow for making it fun in danconnortown today)

57˚ and cloudy. and 57 feels a lot cooler than 72, for sure.