new york cut

i bought some luxury cigarettes.

what a nice thing. Luxury Cigarettes. Feels nice when you're doing luxury things. You know. The life of luxury and all that. i bought a couple of packs of luxury cigarettes up at Natty Sherman's last night. The luxury ones are cheaper than my daily driver, so i figured, what the hell? and i got me some. I feel like one of them glass kids, from them salinger books, you know, always smoking some kind of cigarette or other, the world just at their fingertips, and quite frankly they don't give a damn. Ha! good stuff.

a few things this week.

i went and saw that dude, Beck Hanson. He had this total loser act opening up on thursday night. Some dude, the one-man-band. My god. It was like some joke, that nobody got. i'm saying the guy had talent, sure. But all the talent in the world ain't gonna help if the music SUCKS! it was like murder in there.

but Beck rocked it out. Good Sound. I put a couple blurry photos up as a testament to how hard the room was rocking.

finally got all the boxes so-to-speak, out of the old blog and into this one. The blog archives are all working and they've been updated with photos and what not, to jog your memory when you link back to the mainsite, and i've started to do some tuning of the mainsite, mostly in performance or what have you. I've trashed the old blog completely, so the temporary blog is the new house. I still don't understand how the hurricane was responsible for that disaster, but the timing was undeniable.

pictures. Yes. the summer tan is fading already. it's cold and rainy today. Well. it's not cold, it's warm and breezy actually, but anyone here today can attest, it's not the cool kind of warm and breezy and sprinkly that you picture if you're from hawaii. Here it's more like, It Sucks. Like a lightswitch the weather is being a jack-ass. But I can say this. I did see this willow tree blowing in the wind today before i smashed my fucking head on a roll up steel door walking out of a deli that was closed in the first place.

It was cool, this tree blowing in the wind looked like that worm monster from that Princess Mononoke movie or what ever it was, you know. Miyazaki style. and underneath, it was like, warm and dry. It was pretty cool. I felt like it would be a cool place to be around in crappy weather,(brooklyn i mean) if instead of sidewalks covered in trash and dog shit, it was covered in willow trees. But it ain't.

Stanton is turning 30 this weekend,(that's him by the way at the top of the page) We gotta get our acts together and get on out to town to drink SoCo shots or something completely obnoxious. i'm thinking jagermeister with like, i don't know. like bourbon? I don't know. something 30 year olds drink. (maybe they have sparks)Anyway, we're heading over to Boss Tweeds. come check us out. I heard WEEN is playing there tonight. but that's just something i heard.

I gotta be honest. i can't keep my train of thought. Burnt's here and i wanna hang and have some drinks, you know. shoot the shit for a while. Oh, i added some new links last night too. check 'em out if you haven't already. some cool stuff. I'll be here when you come back.

thanks man.

72˚ and messy out there.