prospect park

i think, i mean, i'm pretty sure, this is the only time i went to prospect park this year. I mean, i'm pretty sure it's the only time i went there and sat down on the grass, or played some frisbee. I used to go several times a week and race my bike around the park for a few laps, listening to the rock and roll, and then i'd smoke a joint and play frisbee for a while.

I guess getting fired from your job can have its plus-sides too. I mean, it was beautiful out there. How many days like this did i miss so that i could make sure that somebody else had everything they needed?

Laying in the grass and smoking a joint and chucking a frisbee around with a friend of mine was something i've needed for a long long while. (although secretly i wondered if the photographers in town had everything they needed) surely they did. I mean, that's why a fella worked so hard. To make sure that if i wasn't there, if i was in a park playing frisbee, things would still be okay.

which is kind of a nice feeling, even if it feels like my wallet got kicked by a horse.

It's discouraging, going back over these posts from years ago, (trying to fix old broken links) and seeing how many audio-posts I had made. Not like, discouraging, but... it would be cool to hear them now, and there really isn't any way to do it. - sorry about that - dTown 2010