yes. i've just spent an hour of my cellphone minutes on line with australia via texas, via the world.

good man.

i had to pull my entire website down and start from scratch, but you know, i think we're going to be good. i'm listening to the new Harvey Danger album you might like it too. (i do like it. it's arty.) but yes. had to strip it down to the bare bones. made some new buttons, and had some conflicts we couldn't resolve. the result is i won't put any pictures on this update until we're all uploaded. (i don't have a folder to pull from yet) but it's all good. i'm on my way over to 151 kent, and i think i'll have something to share with you when i come home. but for the meantime there are a few things i can tell you.

firstly, any links to danconnortown probably won't work until at the minimum sunday.

secondly, once you get in the swing of my blog, and everything works, you can just click on the inverted flag, or the danconnortown label at the top of the blog to bring yourself to my photos and the dTown splash page.

thirdly, there may be some bugs with the site until i tune it in, but it will be smoother, it will be more efficient, and we will both be happy, you and me.

keep it real, drink what you like,
eat what you must,

and don't forget to floss.

_dtown 62˚ and clear as a fucking bell.