good afternoon.

indian summer is upon us this fine halloween day. 65˚ and sunny. feels like a nice spring day.

i've been reworking the structure of the website so that there's more organization, and presently everything is working except for the archives page, which i will work on this afternoon.

i discovered a mess of 404 pages following the links through my site, and even some scroll pages in there that weren't linked up at all. I hope to upload the update this week by say, wednesday, but i want to be sure everything is working properly before i load the new data.

thank you for your patience, and do have a nice day out there.

bob for some apples.


UPDATE 1:19pm upon closer inspection, it looks like a much more substantial problem with the archives, requiring recoding for every html page associated with the archive, which as you can see, is an awful lot of copying and pasting, folder by folder, so it might take a minute. In the meantime, the old archive page is still functioning, so i will leave it be for now, and hopefully by next week i will have resolved most if not all of the 404 problems, along with creating a nice and tidy file structure at my home base which will make it easier for the site to grow over the long term. woohoo!