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This is my post as copied from the original New YoNk posting on Craig's List before i created my Of Interest posting. I have just uploaded an html version to the original link, but it looks funky, and the pictures didn't stick so i've titled this one appropriately to make up for the funkyness of the link that post takes you to.
it is likely i will just de-link the original post and leave this in its stead. It is a letter i posted on craig's list new york in response to the overwhelming deluge of racism and ignorance that appears to be rampant on this particular message board. I don't apologize for my tone, it is how i felt exactly the morning i was flipping through people's rants looking for something to raise my chin about as i had no eggs in the fridge with which to make a nice breakfast, and it was one of those very cold and rainy days that lead to the slaughter of umbrellas i come to mention in later posts.



(posted by New YoNk to CL RNR 10/13/05)


I tell you what. I got up this morning, and i was going to make me a nice breakfast of fried eggs and corned beef hash. I went downstairs, and there were no eggs. I looked outside, and it's just bullshit out there. I mean, i'm not complaining, because when you get down to it, this is the east coast, man. What should i expect in october? 75˚ and sunny, and dry? I'm hip to the facts. It's a slaughter out there. Umbrellas are being massacred for breakfast, who the hell am i to complain about coming up short on some eggs?

So what do i do? I figure, i'll check the rants and raves on craig’s list, it's been about 6 months since i checked in, and figured there'd be something going on. something worth reading about, like, "did you hear the new Franz Ferdinand album?" or "who the hell is this Miers broad?" but no. it's nigger this, and whitey that, and Puerto Ricans love xbox, and bloomberg loves Puerto Ricans, and you love rimming goat ass, and on and on…

Come on man! This is New York City. People from all over the world are logging in to see what you think, and all you think is, a mouse in the kitchen is a girl pissing off the back deck? (well, actually, that was funny. i'll give you that) but the racism crap is so boring. I mean, one comment said something like, "Nigger, all we're loosing to the darkside is hubcaps and jail cells!" are you serious?!

Do you know how much Whitey, and Yellowy, and Reddy, and Darky pay in taxes for those fucking jail cells? Seriously. but i'm not even talking about prison rights, or the cost of incarceration in America. And what about the guy who ripped NYPD for being punks and drunks? One response to this guy was, "oh, you're probably one of them faggots who RIDES HIS BICYCLE on the last friday of the month and considers himself harassed." well guess what? Even if HE WAS one of those fags riding his bicycle around on fridays, he sure as hell IS getting harassed.

And this bit about it wasn't arabs, (referring to the 911 attacks) sure. it wasn't arabs. sure it wasn't jews. sure it wasn't the religious right. sure it wasn't somebody you never heard of. but what are you DOING about it?

Me? i went downstairs and made myself a rum and coke. (must be i'm puerto rican or cuban or something, god knows WHITEY won't drink rum and coke, whitey drinks zima xxx, or bud light?) come on folks. It’s just plain ignorant.

consider this:
every single one of us, black, white, yellow, brown, red, or a zebra with gills, we all came from one place.

some dude met some chick, and he thought she was hot, or maybe she thought he was hot, and they got together and fucked each other. When the dude got off in this chick, you got born.

All of us. (except maybe some test tube babies, but seriously, how many test tube babies are spending time trolling craig's list rants and raves?)

so, we ARE all the same. sure, we think differently. sure we have different beliefs. Some people like Michael Jackson, some people like the dayglo abortions, but either way, you piss, crap, eat, and want to hump just like anyone else. So lay off the racism crap and bitch about something real.

Or, why don’t you CRANK IT UP? Enough bullshit, hiding behind anonymous postings on a website. If you've got a problem with whitey, say so to his face on the shitty MTA. You got a problem with darky? go on out to his ghetto-hood and knock on his door and let him know. You think asians have small dicks? Okay mister big pants… walk on in to some dojo and let the sensei know about. walk up to the biggest “gook” black belt you can find and say, "you yellow gook bastard, you have the smallest dick i ever heard of. you should be on howard stern."

But you can't. And you won't. Because in your heart, in your head, you know that isn't the problem.

The problem is much bigger than whether some fucking arab is taking your business, or some mexican is taking all the low paying jobs, or some nigger is getting all the jail cells, or some whitey is a dumbfuck who secretly masturbates to britney spears' reality TV show.

One thing we in new york share in common is the twins. 911. Forget bin laden. Forget the war in Iraq. Forget the bullshit waste of money and lives going down to Afghanistan, forget the billions in aid sent to Pakistan to allow for staging the first onslaught.

ask yourself.

DID the president or any of his cronies EVER show you PROOF that bin laden is responsible for the attacks? actual hard proof? (and i'm not talking proof like, "well it was on the cover of the new york post" or proof like, "FOX NEWS says it's true." )

did anyone ever find out exactly WHY 2, 110 story buildings collapsed into a pile of dust and ash from a fire that burned for only a couple of hours, yet steel structure buildings around the world with much worse fires have never collapsed in all of history?

Did anyone ever explain why exactly TOWER 7 fell down when it wasn't even struck by anything? And if it was because of a few small fires on the lower floors, why then did it collapse from the penthouse first? And if steel buildings can fall down from being on fire for just an hour or two, is there some reason the architects have been building new ones just like those which collapsed at the site downtown?

If you want to bitch about something, why don't you bitch about the fact you've been hoodwinked. Don't you think it's convenient that the book that claims to explain all that happened regarding 911 (the commission report) never actually explains ANYTHING at all? it just says, "FEMA can't really answer those questions at this time". Don't you wonder WHY someone mysteriously, ACCIDENTALLY destroyed all of the tapes made by the flight controllers on september 11? Don't you wonder WHY NOT ONE PERSON has lost their job over their incompetence on 911? NOBODY GETS FIRED?! Isn't that at least, curious?!

have you ever been fired? what for?

was it for allowing 3,000 people to be killed on a sunny tuesday morning?
think about it.

Let's try and agree on one thing. What you've been told doesn't sit right. What the government says happened is not what really happened.

Look at Bush. Look at him. are you kidding me?! THIS GUY speaks for all of us? whitey, blacky, reddy, yellowy? come on people. there's bigger fish to fry. Step up and get serious.

it's not about republican or democrat. it's not about jews or jesus. we're all here together. You and me. right here in the city that got fucking sodomized by something much bigger than a couple of airplanes.

people always say, "oh, what about all them phone calls from the airplanes?" do me a favor. In fact, do yourself a favor… the next time you're on an airplane, go to the can, and try to make a call with your cell phone. Good luck. The phone will jump from repeater to repeater trying to maintain contact with the land based network, and you'd be lucky if you could even get a call to connect, let alone a 20 minute call to the ground. It plain old ain't true.

wake up new york. WAKE UP. you wanna have some fun today? go to 911 truth. go to reopen 911. follow the links. Read about Tower 7. If you want to kill some time and learn some shit, there's plenty out there to be aware of, and it doesn't matter what color your skin is or how big your dick is. You've been getting fucked harder than you've ever been fucked and you aren't even paying attention.

let me ask you this. When you look back at 911, and i'm sorry. i really am. that was a crappy day to say the least. the crappiest. i can't think of a day more crappy. but when you look back at all those hours you spent glued to your TV set watching the news, watching those planes fly into the twins, watching the towers come down again and again, do you remember EVER seeing a plane fly into the pentagon? EVER? think about it. The Pentagon. are you pretty sure that the home of the marines, the airforce, the army, the navy, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and every other top secret government agency plus all the department of defense heads had NO CAMERAS ANYWHERE?!!! NONE? not even in the hallways of the building where the plane allegedly struck the building?

or this: If the fires were so hot that they would melt the steel in the towers that would bring them down into a pile of dust, HOW THE FUCK were people standing in the gaping holes of the building and jumping out? don't you think if the fire is hot enough to melt steel that it sure as fuck would have melted the people anywhere near the impact zone?

take ten minutes and check the sites i've mentioned.

and then forget your little quibble with people that happened to be born with skin a different color than you. Do you think whitey WANTED to be born white? do you think that darky WANTED to be born dark? We were all just babies that happened to be lucky enough to get born at all.

some dude fucked some chick and there we were.
and now we're all here together.

so deal with it.

i've included some pictures to remind you of what should be important. One is a shot where you can see my old apartment, there's a litte red plane pointing to my place on 34th street. the other, well. i'm sure you will all remember what that was.

While i'm jogging your memory, remember this. We all promised to never forget. We promised to find out who was responsible at all costs and bring them to justice.

How are we doing so far?