terrorist's attack!!!

by way of explanation, i was seated in the comfort of one of those Lincoln Town Cars, you know, the presidential, which has that extra 4 INCHES of leg room (who says size doesn't matter?!) and the driver was playing the wins (1010 am in new york) you know with the news updates, and this guy on the radio was going OFF about all the excitement downtown this morning, when a little fire caused the entire city of new york to pull out all of the stops. I wanted to record this guy, it was like listening to a live broadcast from the scene of the hindenburg, except, it takes a second to log on, and get through the sign on's for audio blog, and so i was sort of caught with my pants down on this one. I think they had every single piece of fire and hazmat apparatus available ON SCENE this morning, including helicopters galore, and the entire downtown was immediately crippled. All trains running into the city through downtown were cancelled at worst, and rerouted to the west side at best. It was something to think about. Folks living here after Mister Bush put all the funds available to avert terror attacks and major urban disasters in the palms of new york's hands, and here we have a handful of whitecastle sandwich bags on fire at the west 4th street train station, and the entire downtown is incapacitated. Immediately.

seriously folks. WHAT IF there was a serious attack on Manhattan? I mean, simultaneous busses blow up, or trains all get their brakes jammed on as they enter a tunnel under the east river and then the bombs go off?

OH NO. we are definitely not safer now. thank you mister bush for a fantastic illustration of your incompetency this morning. You are GOOD TIMES!

here is a photo as observed from 21st and 7th avenue this morning, 3 hours after the fire was "contained".