upgrade the backend

well, well and wow.

today i did a little house cleaning so to speak, you know the workstation, and the software upgrades and all that jazz. Today i fired up dreamweaver mx 2004 for the first time in months. I got frustrated with some of my settings when i tried a while back, but all systems-a-go now, and i decided while i was at it, I'd take take the time to clean up the file structure. I mean, i never expected to live so long that i would have thousands of files and hundreds of folders in there all clogging up the workflow. As it turns out, i'm still above ground, and now is the time to deal with that stuff.

I don't plan on uploading the new structure until i've worked out most of the kinks on my end, and as you could imagine, there will be many. I mean, i've got pictures linked through the blog, and archive pages that don't like to have their homefolder's names changed. stuff like that. Plus, that whole japancam scene looks like a bomb went off in there.

speaking of bombs going off, TSVETA! if you're in New Delhi for the festival, and you're on the internet, won't you write us a note and let us know you're okay over there?

so, my point is, i might take a few days before a genuine update hits this site because i'm now triple oc'd on this project which is a big one. But i will tap the blog between now and then, and once everything appears to be in order, i'll try and let it fly.

fyi, i am currently optimizing for firefox and safari browsers. I think explorer works okay too, but firefox seems to work the best with the way i roll. Also, i skinned my fox today with the iFox theme. looks nice. currently i'm running iFox graphite.

listen, don't get scared. it's only halloween.

be good to each other, and keep your smiles on.

dtown mostly cloudy and 49˚ maybe like 6pm? 10_29

And now an update. I believe i have transferred all of the my previous commentary from the old site. I will try and go through them over the next few days and clean them up, add images and what not so they will relate back to the original posts and updates from the days of yore. but this is great news! I will be able to disable the former "commentary" pages from the main site and use the blog as my permanent parking spot for the verbage. If i am correct, i have all the saved dialogue from 2003 to the present right here on the dtown blog. HA!

copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste. It wasn't so hard once i put my mind to it.

Now, if i could just remember to set my clock back this morning, we should be real good.

_dtown 47˚ and clear (and dark)

and hey, thanks for being there.