wet shoes?

hell no. this dude's staying in doors man. I went out there earlier, and it didn't do much for me. Cold and Wet, like that old Ween song. No thank you brother. it's still murder on umbrellas out there. it's like an Umbrella Armageddon out there. I'm stayin' in. But you know what's good? i went out this morning, and i was feeling like a carnivore. I was a total carnivore, not that i think about it, because that thing didn't stand a chance. My camera didn't even see it.

I woke up this morning and i was pretty hungry because i don't know why, but i was, and i wasn't feeling like a bowl of toastie o's or what you call 'em, i wanted something solid. like when i lived out by San Rafael i could go to this place called Eisenbergs, and there's a place like that over here by 23rd, no wait, maybe that's eisenberg's. whichever. i can't remember, but you could go in there and get your pro greasy spoon on and when you went back to work or whatever you were doing you had all the energy of a lumber jack in the pacific north west, who's just signed the dotted line for his new twin cab turbo diesel pick up truck made right here in the U. S. of Fucking A.

well, my breakfast was a combo of that, and fast lane overnighters in los angeles. (home of the Egg Burger)

Here's what it is. it's an italian cheeseburger, which is the same thing as a D'Angelo's Cheeseburger Sub. They take a bunch of cheese burgers, slice 'em in half and then line 'em up in a sub roll, or a grinder roll, or a hero roll, what ever they call 'em where ever you're living. Big Long Sandwich. So then, you have like 2 or three cheeseburgers all lined up, they got the cheese, (i went with swiss)grilled peppers and onions, lettuce and tomato, pickles and ketchup, jalapenos and mayo. Now, to ramp that right on up to speed, the cook the burgers in bacon fat, so it's got a taste of bacon cheese burger, but minus the bacon. (the lord himself always loved the smell of the burning fat, check the bible man. Old Testament. It's in there.) and they take the burgers out, and set them on the side, then what they do is, they take a couple of eggs, and i'm not talking about those free-range organic mother fuckers that are all good for you / good for the chicken... these are the Hummer of Eggs. Steroids and tight cages all the way. big american sized eggs. They fry 'em up in a pan, and you guessed it pal. the same pan that burger just came from with the bacon fat. and then they get 'em well done, you know, over hard, and they slice 'em up and lay 'em on top of the burgers. Roll all that together, grab yourself a ROCKSTAR energy drink and a fresh pack of smokes, and son, you've just had a redhook breakfast. GooooD MorninG!!! it's like, you tell your heart to get the hell outta bed, there's plenty to do. No point sitting around thumping like a young lad, you gotta get out there and act your age! and your heart is all like, "um... yea, no. i mean, Yea. but... do i... i mean. Dude, seriously. Knock it off!" and you grab a handful of that cow of a sandwich and say, "EAT THIS!!!" and cram it in your face, and start masticating. Aw yea baby. Chew Chew Chew man. It was great.

but then the rain started to really pick up, and i wasn't into it any more.

so what i've done today is, i've got the pictures i made yesterday up there. If you look on the bottom of the main page, you'll see it says east 19... Mmmm Hmmm... that's right. I said it. Check it out. I went there yesterday to see how the construction has been coming along, and it's getting real close. (for those of you who never knew about east 19, or remember it but kind of forget, go to my main website, click on archives, and scroll down to september 2004 the east 19 link , and you can see some before images) try your luck at recognizing how the rooms have changed. It's a kick man.

also, i don't want to have any flack about my bang-up photomerging skills. I was in it for the speed. you know? never once thinking of myself...if i wanted to make it look like the cover of architectural digest, you'd have to wait until next month to see them, and well, to be honest, if they had to look like that, you'd NEVER see them, and i thought it would be a nice thing to do today,for you. because it's raining and cold out, and i want you to know i love you, and i want to show you what's been happening over there. I tell you what though, between you and me? I think it's looking real good.

also yesterday when i was in Union Square i tried my hand at the remote audio blog. I like the feel of it. just gotta tune in the sounds. the audio dynamic. maybe go out and get an equalizer for my cell phone. (ha!) As i mentioned on that call, there were these dudes strutting around the park with these giant orange arrows that said things on them like, "self conscious" or "personal hygiene isn't important to me" you know, stuff like that, and they would follow these random people around with the arrows pointing right at their heads. It was actually quite funny. I mean that.

so, you'll see some of those. And then, after band practice, (oh yea. you know i am. we tore that shit up too. we even set fire to the carpets my licks were so hot...) anyways, after practice i took a stroll down SoHo way and made some pictures of what's going on down there. it was getting late so i kicked into 1600 / black and white mode, to cut back on the noise. So, enjoy yourselves today. hope you brought an umbrella and some big rubber boots. I bet all the trains are running behind today.

gravenor's back in town, so i'll let you know about that kid when i see him.