and there you have it

alright now. I believe that's everything. I've updated all of my files on this end. reloaded them on your end. i've tested all of the links, and i think we're good on the 404 (missing or orphaned files) including the whole of the japancam side of things. In the future it will be easier for me to update, and for now, all of the archive links seem to be working. (at least when using mozilla, firefox, or safari.) Take a minute and stroll through the past few years. You may find some stuff that's been lying dormant for a while. I sure did!

please shoot me an email if you find any links that aren't working.

take it for a test drive. click on that flag up there in the corner.

and hey, have a good night.

i'm going to check out Regina Spektor tomorrow night at The Beacon. Maybe i'll see you there?

_dtown cloudy, 58˚ and i've got a belly full of Mediterranean Delights.