the archives

today i spent the entire day rebuilding the archives. I think you will find it is much easier to find things now. there were some conflicts i found regarding dates of certain things, but i think it's close enough for rock and roll.

I will work my way through them as best i can, and hopefully we can get the dates all straightened out someday, but it's not super duper important. this site is more about the feel than the hard fast chronology. Like that guy in that movie by that dude once said, (Bill Pullman, Lost Highway, David Lynch) "...I like to remember things the way I remember them, not necessarily the way they happened..."

So please, take a look, and see if things are how you remember them today. I don't think i've got any links in there that don't work. i tested and tested, but if you find something, please let me know. I want to get that part all squared at least.

By the way, tonight we are celebrating Misho's birthday at D.B.A. at 41 1st Avenue, between 2nd and 3rd street. (212) 475-5097. Please join us. If you can't make it, there'll be pictures here shortly to prove it happened.

much love, and of course, if i don't see you first, "happy bird"

dTown clear, 32˚ and quite windy. (listening to The Postal Service)