dip dip and swing

alright, i'm playing a speedracer game of ketchup here, and i've got today's update on deck, but i don't think it's going to be up for long. You see, today's update is like my tutorial with the new camera. It is me out rambling around and just shooting different things to see how the camera performs in different conditions, available light, color balances and stuff like that. So far i'm very impressed. It can focus right on down to where the lens is actually touching the thing you want to shoot close-up. It handles colors exceptionally well, (even if when i res them down they look a little splotchy sometimes) and most of the controls are very similar in their function to the old camera.

Really lucked out with the weather. I mean, those last few days the weather was photo beautiful. The skies were California Blue, no clouds, crisp and clean. The city was glowing with a vibrancy we are sure to be really missing in the coming weeks. Don't worry lest you be thinking i'm turning into this sort of new york landscape photographer. I've been taking pictures of people, and they're all on deck here, but I'll have to save them for another day this week.

Because it's late and i've got some appointments with the folks at the unemployment office bright and early, i have only put a mild update in the archives (basically moved the weekend in redhook stuff to a place you can find) but i did not update the covers or splashes, nor did i update the japanside of the site. I hope to get to those things next, and then start building the update with the weekend's festivities.

Also, i am trying to build a more user friendly and functional navigator for the archive page, maybe even with a search function, but i don't think the search function is going to happen for a little while. The nav stuff i would like to sort out by friday.

So, take a look. Enjoy. I think that the new pinner cam is actually going to be replacing the fuji on my daily shooting, simply because it's so good at what it does, and it fits right in my pocket.

loving it.

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