the f lane

aw yea baby. She's here. the new machine is seated upon the desk.
here's a photo of her on the way home earlier, standing by, waiting for the rush hour f train at broadway & lafayette.

my immediate reaction is that danconnortown is meant to be viewed on a 20" screen. the scrollers look like i always wanted them to when you stretch 'em right out across the screen. ironically, i've only ever had 17" or 15" monitors for the past 3 years. I can't really explain how that feels. But i will. Maybe tomorrow.

meanwhile, there's a smile on this face, and spoon is cranking (jonathon fisk) at a volume that would have probably gotten me fired from my old job anyway, and you know what? I don't think i'll be firing myself over it today. I'm actually a pretty cool boss, if you think like i do.

see you soon,

dtown 51˚ sliver of a moon, processing quickly.