going down

I woke up with that depression one gets this morning. that sense of impending doom. (oh how i hope you're listening) and i ran into kosteski out there on the interweb. She's feeling that way too. that's how people connect these days. it's not about the bird flu. it's not about harriet miers. it's about people that identify with each other on levels outside of html code.

but here's what's got to happen this afternoon. I have to delete my entire website and reload it. Like it or not, that's what has to happen. I'm listening to Prefuse 73 and some modest mouse (building nothing out of something) Oh, the irony of it all...

but my site is going down. that's all i can say about it. it's going down for a few hours, and then it will be back, and my 404 files will be gone. and surely by then, i will be gone too. (for me, dealing with the depression when it comes on like this requires a strong shot to the brainstem) i'm on sixpack number two, and not eating on purpose. (oh dear lord, purge me while i figure how to type) yes.

today is one of those days. (everything's alright) at least it is sunny and warm outside. at least i have a vintage guitar. at least i own a vintage mercedes benz.

what's the worst that could happen?

hey, don't ask questions you don't want the answers to.