heros and salads

i'm actually pleased with today's update. i didn't really go out to many things this weekend, i spent most of it right here in my own neighborhood. It's nice to spend a couple of days just hanging around in redhook. You know, i've always just wanted to walk around and take pictures here, and though i bipassed several parties this weekend, i'm very okay with it. You get to see my digs. And i like it out here, so i hope you will too. I mean, sure, it's not northern california in the spring time, but it's alright. it's not without its charm.

I did get out to see Finian McKean on friday night, and that is always a good time. But to make it a nicer time, he was playing right here in redhook to the hometown crowd, and there's something very cozy about that. familiar faces, friendly people, and a warm inviting sea-side bar. works for me. If you ever get out here to visit, we can walk over to Sunny's bar, and i'll show you what i mean. It might be the perfect little bar.

Also, my friend Aron had a surprise 30th birthday party in town before the Finian show out here, so i did get into town for a few hours on friday. It was a good time for aron, his family flew up from kentucky for the party, and it was cool to see so many of his friends and family in the same place at the same time.

Earlier tonight I had all these ideas of how i would tell you about my neighborhood, but you see, what happened is, i was putting together the splash page, and i got hung up on having to make a button for the 4th scroller. The thing is, i sat there looking at the page saying, "recently. more recently. most recently... also recently?... no. that's not it. even more recently? ... nope. um... what about, also recently?" and so on. i probably mulled it over for an hour. (and at 1:30 in the morning, an hour feels like an hour) So then, i said, fuggit. just put SOMETHING there. and of course, i had to make the button right? because it's a new one. So then, CS2 crashed, and bla bla bla, there were some hassles. couldn't find the font i had been using for the other buttons and yada yada yada, i finally just decided i'd call it a bonus, right? because, even though that's not really what it is, it is a little bonus, and if i spent another hour trying to figure out what i wanted it to say, well, it would have turned into me having to make like six new buttons or something just to get the update online. And, if i want to make new buttons, that's something i can do tomorrow, when the sun's out. I mean, i don't have to sweat that stuff until 4 in the morning or something. that's not how i want to roll. though, i could. I could stay up until i see the sun come over the projects if i wanted. I mean, i just relaxed all weekend. it's not like i was up all night snorting lines off the thighs of cuban prostitutes or anything. (incidentally, that's a phrase i grabbed from Klosterman's book, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. possibly one of my favorite lines in the book. he was talking about how sports guys, like big shot football players are all into God, and how they've found Jesus, and that's how they get all those superbowl rings and stuff, and how funny it is that they've all found Jesus, (like as if Jesus is hanging around wondering what's going on in pro-american-football) yet in the off season, they're blowing rails off of 15 year olds in cuba. I don't know. i thought it was clever. So anyway, since that's not how i spent the weekend, i could stay up and work out some new buttons, but it's not how i'm going to do it.

heros and salads. You know, the first time i saw that sign a few years ago, i thought it would make such a great name for a movie. Not sure what it would be about, but at the time i imagined it would be a movie about the shift in redhook. the shift when The White Man came to redhook. moved in with the bmw's and stuff. the hipsters and the starbucks and all that. But i don't know. maybe you've got an idea for it. To be honest, the hipsters aren't exactly bipassing RedHook, but it's really more about babies and puppies and volvo station wagons than hipsters out here.

what else? oh. at the end of the bonus, there's a tree with a scarf around its neck. that's right in front of my house. I went outside one morning, a few weeks ago when it was really cold out, and there it was on the sidewalk, so i thought, "well. if i tie this scarf to that tree, then when the owner comes back at the end of the day, they'll see it, and they can have their scarf back." but, it's been weeks. No one's come by. So, if you find yourself in the hook and you see that tree with a scarf around it, you've found my house. come on by and say hi. (no murderers or terrorists with dirty bombs please)

welp. it's late. and i'm tired, but i'm glad you came back. and i'm really happy to be able to show you my neighborhood. You know? i'm always asking friends to come out and visit, and it's just far enough out of the way that most folks don't make it out here, but i think if you get a sense of it looking at the pictures, maybe you'll change your minds and come on out for a visit sometime.

i'd really like that.

and hey, if you get a minute, ol' Clay has made some updates to his Night series. drop in for a reminder how the other half lives. It's always a good time.

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