the hockey cut

hey man,
i'm back. went uptown today, and i met this dog, rupert was his name. he's an albino bulldog. I don't know if i've ever seen one of them before. he had blue eyes and one hell of an underbite. Thing about bulldogs is, whenever i see them, i picture that story i've told before, about how they make more bulldogs, and particularly at this one lady's house where they make 'em, and they sit you down at the table and offer you a glass of something to drink while they're tugging away at the dog's gear, into a glass from the same cabinet they're filling yours from. It's a hell of a thing to think about everytime you see a bulldog. But he was pretty cool anyway. Oh, he had white claws too. I mean, that's a pretty rare bird.

after my little rebuild last week, i'm leaning heavily toward the "buy a new machine" option regarding this old eMac. I guess i deserve a G5 processor when i sit and think about it.

today's update goes back to halloween time, and up to this afternoon. It's pretty current. You'll see that bulldog i was talking about. He's in there. Ol' Rupert.

also went and saw Regina Spektor and Rufus Wainright last night with my broham. it was good times. Nice sound inside that beacon theater. I hadn't been there before. Sounds good in there. They even let you drink scotch right there at your seat. There was some sort of ruckus though. i think the cops had to drag a terrorist out of there or something in the middle of the rufus set, but hey, who was paying attention? Not me. I mean, sure, i craned my neck a bit to see what all the racket was, but pretty much when there's cops involved, and they're not involved with me, i try to not catch their attention. i'm not into it. Cops i mean. I mean, i like the tv show about 'em, i think it's just as funny as The Family Guy, but other than that, I'm not really good with cops. something about 'em. I don't know. we just don't seem to catch each other's drift. I mean, at least the cops i've met. I mean, now i'm here racking my brain trying to think of a cop i met that i liked, well, not liked, but that i understood. you know, that i got. Like when did i ever meet a cop, and say, "you know? i really get this guy. I see where he's coming from. maybe i shouldn't be so anti-cop. I mean, they're not all bad..." and the thing is, i may think i get the cop, and he may be cool to me, but i know that it's only because of the circumstances. He might be a nice cop standing out on the corner of 23rd and Broadway when he's eating a bag of chips, but get that same cop on duty uptown like for a parade or something, and when the city has gone to the hassle of blocking every possible cross street so foot traffic is totally jacked, and he's the guy standing at the gate that looks like you could easily cross through, the parade or whatever is like, 2 or 3 miles away from you, and there are no cars, there's no danger, and i guarantee that same cop, the one eating the chips? he's gonna be a fucking PRICK about it. And if you think you're smart and in your right to let him know that he's being a prick about it, he'll be an extra Prick about it. and now, if you're not real careful, (or a sexy blonde with big tits) you might very well get your head thumped with that stick he's swinging around for kicks like Officer Clancy O'Callahan (the new york beat cop from that picture of "the good old days" in your very own mind).

So me? i saw a ruckus, observed that i was not apparently in imminent danger, I didn't see anybody being wrestled to the floor for trying to light his sneaker bomb in the theater or anything, so i turned it back around and looked at Rufus and the Gang again. He was quite sparkly last night. I guess i never realized that he was so like, Liberace about it. He's funny though. (not funny ha ha... but... no. i'm kidding. He is funny ha ha. I laughed quite a few times) And then i got out of there before there was a real terrorist attack, or someone came running in with a bag of bird flu or something. Went back downtown and grabbed a few drinks with the broham and arik, and ol' JT even came around.

alright. i'm gonna keep this short. you know, clean up the act a little.
be nice to each other. play fair. don't forget, floss them teeth. it's good for you.

cloudy / 61˚ No Moon In Sight.