hot wax in redhook

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just got back from a night out with the friends, listening to a band out of san francisco, sort of surf-rockabilly, a three piece. some oldies, like sabbath and halen, mixed in with the rockabilly standards, and a few originals that sounded nice, and sure fit the environment at the ol' Bait and Tackle bar. They're about to put on a 2nd set for the night, but i guess as i'm getting older, i find it easier to come home and crawl under 20 pounds of synthetic down wrapped in those jersey/birch sheets that i love so much. And besides, i still haven't watched any of the 2nd season of Lost. I sure would like to know what happened with that kid when he got picked up by The Others on that boat that night at the end of the season, so you know, that's what i'm going to do. And with a little luck, i'll drink some tea or some water instead of some more tequila, and then my sunday morning will be a nice and easy one.

have some good times, and as always, thank you for coming back...

dTown 41˚ with fluffy clouds under moonlit skies, listening to Death From Above 1979

Oh, i also discovered this vintage clip of The Governator while poking around Design is Kinky. it is a very educational and informative clip.