machine day

today i am hoping to pick up the new machine.
Had a great weekend, saw some good art, a fair amount of rock and roll, had some drinks with friends, and made a lot of photographs. they've all been downloaded to the emac, and i have made selects for the site, but i am holding off to see if i can pick up the G5 this morning before loading the current update. Also, i've added ad-sense to the blog (in the footer). The links there now are only place holders until we agree on who gets to link through here, so don't bother clicking them yet. i'll let you know.

still reading Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, and listening to The Raveonettes.

oh, and check out miss kosteski in my links bar. it's a blog that i enjoy.

the sun is out, and i'm feeling alright. 56˚ and breezy