take pause

tonight there are so many options. there's the death-metal swedish meatball birthday party. there's the vinnie tampon wig-day party. there's the arlene grocery multiband rockfest slash in memory of party.

and i think i'm just going to stay in.

I mean, what makes those pictures more interesting than any other saturday night in new york? plus, it's friggin' cold out theya. yes. i'll stay in. i've got one of those pretty heavy down comforters. and i've even got it double deep now, because like i said once before, or maybe i never said it, but the laundry guy fucked up my feather-bed that time i sent it in for a cleaning, and it feels like lying on a bunch of tennis balls, so i use it as an extra comforter now instead, so you know, it's like this deep double deep comforter. that sounds better to me tonight.

it's crisp out there. the moon is shining silver. there's an old cat scratched red velvet chair abandoned at the curb that looks like a prop from a hipster movie, under a street light by the bad-bodega. If it's there tomorrow, maybe i'll show you.

the house is empty. no one here but me and the ghosts. (and ducky and bunny)

prolly i kick off the phone, and sit down with a book. last night my sister called me up at like, coming on 2 in the morning i guess, and just started ranting in spanish, like she was trying to convince me she had nothing to do with it. (with what? i have no effing idea...) i tell you. i wasn't in the mood. Sometimes i'm just not in the mood for it. So to prevent that from happening tonight, i think i'll just shut it right off. My phone rings quietly, but something about when it vibrates on the nightstand, always scares the shit out of me. i practically jump out of my own skin when it vibrates on the wood of it. probably it's the ghosts.

what's funny about the ghosts here is, when i go downstairs and sit on the couch, i hear the ghosts stomping around up here on the 3rd floor. but when i come up here to the 3rd floor i hear them banging around in the kitchen.

oh by the way. that ol' jack-o-lantern got too old today. he's no longer with us. but i'll post a photo from his last moments in the cage. Props to becca. I mean, that had to be the baddest ass jack-o-lantern i ever saw. he just got meaner and meaner looking right on down till there was mold growing out of his stem. The more decayed he got, the more realistic he became...

anyway, more pics coming soon.
get your rest, i haven't forgotten about you.

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