it's always fun to go and visit someplace else. I like to see how other towns do it. Getting out to washington D.C. was one of those times when you see how they do it, and you like it, but it's nice to get back to the trash and grime of home. See, i didn't see any grafitti there. I mean, maybe 2 or three little scribbles, and an appearance by Borf! over by the museums, but aside from that i saw large expanses of clean clean walls. Even the wooden ones you find covered with local color surrounding construction sites. I mean, D.C. seemed to have the most construction cranes per capita, nation wide. It was astounding.

Some of the highlights were really about the food, man. fois gras with cotton candy. I mean. THAT'S a luxury item. I also got to see that Ford GT while in town. Nice car. Looks like it goes quickly.

Unfortunately, i was unable to meet with the current president of the united states. It turns out he was gathering intelligence. Did you know he's got his own Center for Intelligence? Well. i was shocked. I mean, he doesn't seem very bright. Or, maybe he's REALLY REALLY bright, and we're the dumb ones. I mean, i saw this interesting documentary the other day when i was poking around on some of my 911 sites. I love to poke around on those when i think about my government. Especially when my government is making news. I mean, news that i appreciate reading. Like the stuff about the internal spying, and folks getting all worked up about bush using "god's name in vain" HA! i really enjoyed hearing about that on this radio talk show the other day. But i guess people aren't worked up about him saying "god damned" it's more that he was using those words in relation to The Constitution. My my. that stuff entertains me! (I always feel weird using exclamation points when i write. it sounds so jumpy to me.) So anyways, i this documentary didn't really point out anything new, but it was fun to listen to it in another language, and i liked the presentation. You can check it out (click in this area) you'll need realplayer to watch it. probably a current one. but there's a link for it on the page.

Oh, and you know what? i did some research. I AM the dumb one. I guess it's George Senior with the intelligence center. Of course. that makes sense. He's pretty bright. But you know, with the sign and everything, it's hard to not think of how funny it is, you know, because you think of Junior when you see it on the highway. (and maybe you'd laugh too)

One night we were passing through Georgetown, and the sky was this amazing color of blue. right before the darkness came. I think it was amplified by how clean all of the buildings were. How clean everything was. It sparked a conversation about why it is that new york is so dirty. We got to thinking it's because everybody actually lives here. I mean, in those clean towns, people go home at night. Home to somewhere else. They get in their cars and drive away from the place. But, you know, i don't know if i think that's true. I've lived in some pretty clean places, and the people lived and worked there too. But, it was admittedly a hell of a lot less people. So, i can't really figure it out for sure. But it got me thinking about it a lot. Because, as cool as new york is, i'm only kidding when i say i like the filth of it. it's obnoxious actually. It makes no sense to me.

I've decided to try rocking the japan side a little bit. What i'm going to do is use that translation widget to translate my main pages to japanese. I think that's funny. It will help to develop new slang, and likely have no connection to what i'm actually trying to say. I love it. So, from time to time, check out that side. I haven't done it today, but it's coming.

OH! i'm also gearing up for the leanest christmas on record. The greatest thing about working freelance again is that the checks come less frequently than full moons. I like to be in touch with nature. My natural origin. Stay grounded. I feel more in tune with my surroundings when my wallet is empty. I find it too difficult to navigate the holidays with a substantial amount of cash in the bank. It seems there's always ONE MORE thing i need to buy. To prove that i like you. This year is easy. Ya Like Spaghetti?!

There was some dialogue the other day between friends about the impending MTA strike. One person had sent a picture of this dude sleeping at one of the ticket booths, and saying how the guy wanted a raise, and "hell no!" he didn't wanna clean up either. And so this other guy responds and he says, "Yea, i think they all deserve a raise" And i got to thinking about it. (well. in reality, i thought about it for about 2 seconds) and i couldn't have agreed more. They all deserve great big raises...

i've never seen a more hardworking or committed crew than the New York MTA. They are always on time, the trains are consistently clean and operating smoothly, the stations themselves are much, much cleaner than those in say, Paris, Munich, or even Tokyo. I believe the manhattan subway lines are even cleaner than Johnny Rockets' hamburger shops (and much better lit as well!). The turnstyle-metrocard system is silky smooth and never disappoints! The buses are always on time, and equally spaced apart, and i've never seen a bus peel away from the curb leaving a woman running hopelessly to catch it in all of my days. The operators and garbage collectors are always courteous and friendly, and the signage within the stations is so clear and simple to understand that even visitors from foreign countries, or residents of the city whose second language is english, have no problem at all navigating our complex and state-of-the-art rail, and roadway system.

I always wonder how they manage to keep the subways so warm in the winter, and so cool in the summer!

They are worldclass in providing ample public restrooms for the more than seven MILLION, seven HUNDRED THOUSAND passengers per day! And all of this with the very lean, budget busting crew of just under 65,000 employees!

The New York City MTA is, in my humble opinion, the finest example of public transportation at its absolute best.

If they don't win in negotiations on all fronts, then by all means, the MTA employees should strike. Not only to teach us all a very important lesson, but also to get what they truly deserve! Why stick it to The Man, when you can stick it to the entire population of New York City?!

go get'em boys!

strike away.

welp, i gotta stretch my back out.
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