i figured it out. i know what i'm waiting for. what it is, is i don't feel like updating the site until i hammer out the problems with the archive page. and i don't feel like sitting at the computer figuring it out for 10 hours a day, because it's just not fun. I mean, sure, you listen to music, and you get sidetracked in chats with friends, and you practice developing patience with software and various browsers, but it's just not the way i like to do it.

I think we're getting closer though. Paul's helping me out with the code. I understand what he's saying. I'm applying the information as it is explained to me, but it still needs some work. But i was sitting here this morning, and i was (am) listening to Andrea Bocelli (L'alba Separa Dalla Luce L'Ombra) and it just occured to me, that really that's all it is. I don't think it's cool to keep updating a site when the main functions are broken. it's like getting a carbon fiber hood, or, wait... no. it's like installing those ghetto UFO lights on the bottom of your honda, when in fact the brakes need to be replaced. So, first things first on the site mods. Make it work, then change everything.


speaking of change, i'll be looking for some new glasses...

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