yea man, this is going to be one o' they quick style, drop in, put some pictures, roll out updates. you know how we do. I got a plane to catch in a few hours, gotta talk to the big man about a few things. (besides, i haven't visited D.C. for real since i was in the 8th grade... I get a sense it's different there now.)I mean, look at that new $50 bill. What the hell? since when do you have to put an American Flag on American currency?! i mean, enough is enough already with putting the freakin' flag on every damned thing you can get it on. it's silly. Jesus. It was bad enough after 911 when everyone and their grandmother was flying 10 flags off their SUV's thinking that was the american way. I mean, trees with flags on them. Like the TREES themselves were with the terrorists or something. You know, that bit about the Old Man of the Mountain, (or Old Man In the Mountain) it's a real "tomato, tomahto" thing if you live in new hampshire, either way, Jamming a damned flag pole into his head, and then a few months later the whole thing falls off the face of the earth. So anyway, i don't get this deal with "introducing color" to american currency, but in the form of the red white and blue. it's dumb. So, we have to talk about that. And a bunch of other stuff actually. (plus, i hear they've got some good food out there.)

I didn't take the time to update the archives, because i gotta pack, and i still need to get some sleep too, so lemme give you a quick overview of what i've done. Firstly, in the recently category, what happened was, i smoked a joint and got on the bus. I was listening to that shuffle, which by the way, is just great. I haven't even used my iPod once since getting the shuffle man. it's like non-stop hits, incase you don't like taking the time to make playlists or hunt around for what you wanna hear, so anyways, i'm on the bus, and i look out the window, and i think, "huh. it's nice out there today. I mean, on digital, or even film, it doesn't look so cold, and it's clear and nice, you know?" so i start snapping out the window. Well, don't you know, i catch a corner of the bus window in the frame, and it makes me think of what ol' clay enos was saying a few days back about the windowseat.
And of course, if you're baked, you start thinking things like, "hey, airplanes are cool, but so are busses man. they're like ground planes." So there's some pictures in there that'll be a nod to ol' clay. because once i got started, then i got to thinking subways are like ground planes, but on rails, i mean, and they're even off the ground sometimes, so it's sort of like an airplane, with the aluminum tube shaping and everything. So there's that.

Also, our band, The Utards, added some horns this week. So you'll see a picture of a trumpet. (and derin's old lady). After that there's some bit about going back on out to Sunny's and i was just snappin' on the way out there. I guess there was our first real snow storm, and there was our first real car accident, and there was this girl with a pizza going up the escalators at smith and 9th, which, if you've ever had to ride behind a pizza taking it's sweet-assed time going up an escalator at smith and 9th, then you understand what kind of torture that really is. I mean. that's a lot of escalator, and nobody's handing out pizza when you get to the top. I was dying man. Dying for a slice o' that pie. It's crazy how the nose can make you think you're going bananas. I mean, usually when i'm in that train station, that's the LAST thing i think about, is getting myself i nice greasy slice o' cheese.

but listen. i don't have time to explain all about that. So, i'm gonna cut out for now. I'll be back at the end of the week, and i should have some pics to throw up there, but i don't think i'll have an opportunity to do anything more until the weekend. Lots of meetings and stuff. You know how it is. going to see the president, and his buddies. Gonna try and square away a few things we don't seem to agree on. I'll let you know how it turns out.

in the meantime, be nice to each other, play nice, and thanks again for stopping by.

dTown 31˚ and cloudy | listening to Norah Jones actually. huh. usually i'm listening to something really cool. I mean, she's cool, but i almost thought i'd flip to something else to see if it was cooler, but then it was just like, Prefuse 73, and then Mantaray, and the B.R.M.C. and then The Rentals, so i figured, "what's the difference?" it was norah jones. the nearness of you.

Oh yea, one other thing. My demo version of CS2 died yesterday, which you know, impedes my workflow. it's not the end of the world, in fact, i believe i've got a new one coming up this week sometime, but it's misleading you know, how they work the licensing. I mean, you know it's expired, but it appears to still work, until you try to do something. Gotta give it to the folks at Adobe. They are starting to figure out all the angles. God Bless 'em. i hope they finally make a profit off of all that software. It sure does come in handy.

so long!
wait. One more thing. for those of you that didn't know, today is Miss Mio's birthday. So, think good thoughts. Eat some cake in her honor today. xo