the prequel

today's images are really just a mish-mash of stuff that i've shot over the past few days. they are my homage to the great mta strike of 2005. (hardly) but they do reflect my interaction with the strike. I was sad last night when the house resumed it's rumbling and shaking, but i guess we all knew it couldn't last forever. Ironically the temperature in new york jumped up 15˚ today. COINCIDENCE?!

it's not an exciting update, but hey, anything could happen. i do enjoy the one from that gristedes grocery bag, where it says, "never forget what they did to us" HA!

it's like, you know, over time, they've whittled it down to the simple phrase "never forget" but way back in the day it was "never forget what they did to us, that time."

i guess next year it'll be "never" or, "i forget".

anyway, the holiday is right at your throat, and if you're like me, you're looking forward to some much needed time off. Take it easy, spend time with your friends, give love to your co-workers, and say hi to your momz.

more soon.

_d 45˚ listening to the buses rumbling by.