first friday 13

made it through the first friday the 13th of the year. Even got my path crossed by a black cat. It felt complete. Today's update is in honor of my ol' friend, Agiu. He got old on friday. I said, "You know what i'll do Agiu? I'll go out and take pictures straight on through your birthday, and i'll stick 'em up on the internet. it'll be like a party."

So herein, is his party. A good time to say the least. Opens up with a picture i took the night before, and then follows on through from when i went to bed at 4 something in the morning on friday, right on through to when i went to bed at 4 something on saturday.

This weekend, we've got the new Phase One P30 digital back in our hands, strapped to the Hasselblad H1. It's pretty tight. 31 mega pixels of "HOW FUCKING SHARP DO YOU REALLY NEED?!" in the palm of your hand.

Caught up with Finian McKean and Patrick Brennan over at Sonny's bar in Redhook last night. It was a blast. I was drinking whisky all night, which is sort of something i don't do much any more, and i didn't get too rambunctious, but there were some moments of glory.

Getting ready for the rock and roll extravaganza at The Knitting Factory on Sunday. 30 bands, 15 bucks, all day rock your head off style. Downloaded an amazing video yesterday. I recommend it, (not for dial up kids) it's 280mb so be patient. In fact, i can't even really be sure that it will still be up there by the time i post this, but what i may do, is compress it and stream it from somewhere on dTown in the near future. Some people had trouble downloading it themselves, but it worked like butter for me. You don't need a video iPod to play it, but you do need the new quicktime, or a means of playing mp4 video. It's about 30 minutes of rock solid video with some kick ass mixing on board.

Speaking of streaming video, i do have a quicktime thingy you might like to see, it's a number from Finian's show at The Mercury Lounge last monday. It's not as gentle on PC users, so i'll put two links here. Click your poison. MacIntosh Users | PC Users now, be warned, i don't have a way to test the PC link, so you know, let me know if it doesn't play for you.

it's windy as hell outside right now, guess we gotta blow all that fog out. Yesterday was one of the foggiest days i remember in all my days of living here. I felt like i was in northern california (minus the beauty and fresh air) all day. it was pretty cool.

Take a look through my links, i've added some new stuff in there, and you might like to check them out. Some photographers, some designers, some design sites, etcetera. Enjoy.

Um. I think that's all i have to say about that. But hey, i'll be back again soon. I hope you're all having a nice ol' weekend, relaxing or rocking your head off. Keep it real and tell your momz hi.

dTown 45˚ with gale force winds | listening to Social Distortion