january's a wrap

i was sitting at my desk looking at today's splash page, and i really couldn't think of anything at all to say. anything clever or witty that relates to the photo on the cover. And i sat there looking at it, and looking at it, and i realized that there weren't any ideas forming in my mind, and i thought about maybe changing the picture, so i started scrolling through the choices, and none of them really struck me either. I mean, i like the truck with the flags over it, and i like that dude in the sleeping bag, but in the end, i like the lady having a little coffee break more, and so she stays. But i don't know if i will think of it as a memorable splash.

Over the weekend, i went out to Connecticut and relaxed some. Wanted to think about a few things, and mostly i wanted to think about the 911 stuff. Lately i've been trying to decide what people think. Why it can't be front page news. What do my friends think? What are people doing about the inconsistencies in the Keane Report, and all this other stuff? What do people i don't know think about it?

I recently had a nice email exchange with a friend of mine about it, and i gather he doesn't believe there is too much difference in The Official Story, and What Really Happened, except he believes that we did shoot down the plane over shanksville, but why make a fuss over it? Who wants to be known as the proud soldier that shot that plane down?

It got me to thinking. And i started pouring back through the sites and the links and all the info I have, and an interesting thing happened. I started finding a bunch of newer sites that are questioning the questioners, which i really appreciate. As long as we're talking about it, i'm down. Prove me wrong, prove me right. But please, let's PROVE something.

The next day, i got a letter from an old friend of mine in california, and he was also responding to my 911 post last week (january 25) on MySpace. He says, "...sure they probably used a missle at The Pentagon, but seriously, what are you trying to accomplish?

Finally, another friend wrote over the weekend, and said, "I don't really follow those conspiracy theories because they scare the hell out of me. I'd rather not know what's happening and be content with my life."

So, I watched the Loose Change DVD again, and i listened to the things my friends had all said, and tried to decide what it is that i am trying to accomplish with it.

I guess what i came to is that I want the government to be held accountable for what happened. I want some heads to roll starting with the top brass in washington. I want the people in the united states to understand that the news and the president have lied to them. And in the wake of those lies, i think it is important to see the consequences of them.

I want the case reopened, so that people like me can feel like our government is a good one. I want the people in Europe and just about everywhere else on the planet to know that there's at least one guy, right here, who believes them when they rage against the United States Official Story of 911.

I want all the leads followed, and I want to see a couple of people lose their jobs. It's not that i have a wish to see people out of work, but there were an awful lot of people who did not live up to the expectations of their job on that day, and i'm talking all the way up to the top.

I want to understand WHY everyone accepts these 19 hijackers when several of them are still alive and well, and were never even on the planes in the first place. And I want to know then, who the REAL hijackers were.

The government stands firm in their statements that they had no prior knowledge of these impending attacks. I don't see how this doesn't rattle people's cages. OF COURSE they did. It's heavily documented, there are books and books on this topic alone. There are photos of a mock terror attack training at the pentagon from october of 2000. Curiously enough, with a plane crashing into the pentagon.

Too many people died that day, too many buildings fell down that day, and too many lives were changed forever as a result of this particular event, and yet no one is being held accountable. To me, this isn't about OJ murdering (or not murdering) two people, or Michael Jackson rubbing little wee wees. This is an attack on the united states, and all we stand for, and a permission slip to go to war with anyone in the world without asking permission from the UN. This is the government's new right to stop and search you on the street, (or in the subway) or listen to your phone calls, or go through your library records.

OJ gets off, and people shake their heads in disbelief, but over the years they just forget about it and move on. Michael Jackson gets off, and people just get on back to work. I'm sorry. 911 is not something i want to just sweep under the rug and forget like it was some bad dream. It happened. I look at the hole in the sky every day and i am filled with rage and disgust with our government's handling of this whole thing. Now, i see the new Tower 7 up and in place and I shake my head at that in disbelief. If it really was brought down by some fires in the lower floors, how do they justify building another one with the same suspect steel framing? What if there's a fire?

Well anyway, i thought about it a lot, and came to the conclusion that maybe i shouldn't bother. Maybe it's better to just let it go. Sure all those people were killed. So What? Did you see Project Runway last night? How's the weather out there? Oh! I just love your new shoes! (Wow. life seems so much easier if i just bury my head in the sand.) No, it doesn't feel right. I thought of taking down all the 911 links on my page and not saying boo about it ever again.

Before doing that, i went over and asked Mio what she thought. She's very intelligent you know. I asked her what she thought of all this. And should i just give it up and let it go, or what?

The short version of her answer was something like this. "Dan, you have the power to change the world. Maybe your friends can't. Maybe they just don't want to. For a lot of people they're just happy to have their homes, and their jobs, and their HDTV sets. But that's not you. You know that what happened is wrong, and you want to make people see that. You want them to know. You want something to change. I believe you, and I believe you are reaching people. Maybe one at a time, but you are doing it. I don't think you could stop if you wanted to."

That was very nice. To be believed in. After that, I agreed. I couldn't stop if i wanted to, because it wouldn't feel right. It's not finished. And if something doesn't feel right, then there must be something wrong. Well. The Official Story of what happened on 911 does not feel right. And so that's why I talk about it with people. Why I point them to information about it. I'm not trying to make a buck off of 911. I am trying to increase awareness, and at the same time i am doing my part with everyone's favorite catch phrase from a few years ago, "Never Forget".

I hope you'll understand. Hey, once this is all settled, and the guilty have been tried and convicted, i can go back to really enjoying the other interesting things on the internet, like that girl with the 26 foot long poo.

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