new things

welp. i went and done it. I think i broke it. See, i was trying to get all fancy pants. Trying to be on the cutting edge. but the thing is, i'm not a web designer. it's as simple as that. I remember, when i was in college, and i was trying to explain to my professor that i wasn't an artist. That's why i was studying photography. And he was all, "no. you ARE an artist. you can't even help yourself."

and in the end, i think i was right. I mean, maybe he was right, i guess i've got the wallet that comes with your standard artist. it's fairly slender. But i can say this. a web designer i am not. It's not even up for debate.

So i've been spending some time learning about CSS, because you know,that's the wave of the future. And so i pulled my site out of dreamweaver and into GoLive (CS2) and started trying to build out a nice CSS version of the site. Hours and days have passed. I only feel slightly dumber than when i first learned about FTP, which, if you don't know, is how folks like me, put pictures and stuff on the internet. And i gotta say, i didn't feel very bright when i was learning about it, but i did get it eventually, and the result is, you got to see a website happen at this address.

So, now, there's the new way. And it's cool. From what i can tell, it makes things simpler. But like most things "made simpler", it never really starts out very simple. In the process, i fucked up a few things. Not a very big deal really. I think i've got back ups around and stuff like that... I mean, it's not catastrophic or anything. it's no tsunami. But there's no update really to speak of. In fact, there's less info verses more on the site. But it's only going to be like that for a minute. I have to figure out a couple of simple things first. See, what happened was, (i think) when i imported everything to GoLive, maybe i didn't reference the correct copy, or i don't know, but in any case, some mistakes were made, and from what i can figure out, i might do better to start from scratch over here. So, for now, enjoy some archives, and i'll take a nap. And in the morning i'll try and figure out what i did exactly.

In the end, dTown will again be more refined and simple to navigate and find things, and all that jazz. And when i've got it sorted i'll show you my Smorkin' Labbit and my new hummer.

have yourself a nice new year.

dTown listening to Elvis Costello (you want her too) 41˚ and raining like a bastid.