weekend at burneez

just wanted to get these picks up before i bailed for Cee Tee with sideshow. I'm rolling out to Fairfax in the morning and didn't want to come home to a massive edit and upload session, as i'm quite enjoying that book about the master and that margarita. You know. The one with the cat in it. I might like to read that instead for a while.

There are trades of course. There's always got to be a trade. My trades this weekend are that i am not watching Patti Rothberg rock her face off in the LES tonight. Nor am i staying out till sun-up with Finn at Sonny's listening to a nice slide steel guitar. And then tomorrow, i won't be going to Finn's midnight show at The Rockwood Music Hall.

But in exchange for those things, (the trade, as it were.) I will be rested, up, and, out comes-the-morning, and on a train steaming for the coast. Will I see the ocean? I cannot say. But included with my trade, i will be home tonight with friends watching a recent movie starring that guy, Brad Pitt, and like, Jennifer Anderson (or something) in it. I think it's got Jim Belushi too. Something about like, spies or something.

Speaking of those two lovebirds, i've been seeing in the tabloids, they're getting married, and then they ain't getting married, and then she wants 13 kids, or, they got Princess Di's jeweler in on it, and on and on. Real big news! I was wondering if it would be cool to make a tabloid that's all about like, The Politicians. You know, with lots of paparazzi shots of their very sordid lives, the dirty dealing, lots of speculation and demoralizing photographs of them and stuff? I think it would be funny. It'd be a weekly rag you know, like Time Magazine, but with that Inquirer sort of vibe. But stronger, and glossier. Lots of hot pink and bright yellow splotches of color with contrasting obnoxious text on them saying things like, "Jimmy Carter,that crazy nut!!!" and like, "12 of barbara's best kept secrets!" ...and so on. I mean, i think you get it.

Oh, there's this funny apartment in here today. Well. it's not the apartment. it's the running dialogue the landlord has with the tenants. A real italian family feud. I mean, these guys are naming names. It was a very interesting little spot over in the west village. So, i hope you'll enjoy it. I kind of like the pictures i'm putting up tonight for The Sabbath. They really sort of tell it like it is. You know, I know a dude who likes to say "It is what it is..." And that's i guess what i'm saying.

The point is, i couldn't think of anything clever to name the updates for today, so i just named them after the days in which they occurred. Oh, that's what i was going to say. It's been chilly here, sure. But it's been clear and bright and good looking out there too. Nice to just walk around. Look at things. Soak it in. The light is beautiful in the city this time of year. Especially this year. (must be all them hummers)Really nice looking, like i've been saying. But, don't take my word for it. Cheggit out ya'self.

i'll be back with more in a day or two.

Oh! almost forgot... Seriously take a second and check out this site. It's pretty astounding. This dude makes pictures that look like scale models, except they ain't. Really tight.

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