the 15 minute charger

today was one of those days when it seemed like every time i turned around there was a newspaper or a TV monitor touting the virtue of alternative energies, and how we are all addicted to oil. I mean, i'm not addicted to it, but as it turns out, my batteries died today. That doesn't really happen to a guy like me. I usually have at least 3 complete sets of rechargeables in my backpack.

Today? I guess i left the house without my backpack. And you know? i had a thought before i took off this morning... I said to myself, "you know dTown, it's been a few days here on these same batteries, and you've been clocking in the hundreds of photos, and you've been using the flash, and you've been doing long exposures, and it's been cool out there at night... maybe you should put in a fresh set of them double ays before you roll out..."

But did i listen to my inner voice?

No. I did not. And what happened? Yea. that's right. Today was a very beautiful day. It looked like how san francisco does when the clouds are blowing over the bridge. (they call it fog out there, by the way) It was a beautiful light day. Everything looked great. Even the trash. Once we got down to Stamford and I got out of the car by the location, the batteries died. And i was bummed. I suppose i could have gone to a little duane reade and bought myself a set of real batteries to hold me over for the day, but with that great speach last night about conservation and forward thinking, I wanted to do my part, and ABSTAIN from frivolous waste. I'm trying to be fiscally responsible, like our nation's wise and competent leader.

The batteries are charging now. We should be back in business tomorrow. For today, i have only the images i was able to make before the lights went out. I hope you like them.

To me, they represent a beautiful and memorable day. A nice one to look at, even if your camera's got dead batteries. And wasn't Project Runway a hoot?

I saw some work tonight by an artist that i really like. Her website is pretty good too. I mean, it's got some pretty wonky sounds on it that are absolutely distracting, but the work is very good.

Yes. All in all, today was nice to me. I hope your day was nice too.

dTown | listening to Radiohead / Kid A | 35˚ and quite late.