another upgrade

i've got some new photos, but i've been so knee-deep in the upgrades this weekend, that i can't take the time to download or edit the photos. I've just received the new iLife '06 software, and i have to say, the new iPhoto is the best one yet, and this new program, iWeb is pretty fly. It's looking real good for the danconnortown podcast in your very near future. It will be brought to you in part by the new Garage Band v3.0.

Thing is, there was some sort of crash, or kernel panic last night while i was sleeping, involving the iPhoto Library Manager, and the merging of all of my libraries. Somehow in the wake of this panic, over 14,000 images from a library of 34,000 were not imported. This morning i am toggling through image by image in hopes of determining which images were missed. So, it's pretty time consuming.

Once everything is up and fixed and tidy, i'll get some new stuff up here for ya'll. i'm sort of stuck to the chair here, because i have to tell the software every few seconds whether i'm in agreement with the duplicate photos or not. Unfortunately, because of the way my photos are all organized, it's very particular about which it imports and which it doesn't. So, don't go thinking i'm not here.

i'm right here. getting a refresher on all the images i've made with the little pinnercams over the past few years.

unfortunately, whenever it asks if i'd like to import the duplicate, the image it references is some ugly one. i had no idea i had taken so many ugly photos over the years. A bit like ol' Clay was saying, you know about making mistakes, and how you don't post those, i mean, me? i post my mistakes, but i just don't publish the ugly shit, and sure, ugly is relative. Like for instance, i'm really bored of the splash image on my site right now, and want to put something new there, but i'm sort of in pergatory waiting to get the library tuned before i can make another selection, and it might be all day before i get to it. Maybe i'll make a retro page that's more attractive to me in the meantime?

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