the blizZay

today was cool. i got to bed early last night, right? 'cuz there's a blizzard comin' And when i got up, it was here. So i went out there to git sum blizzard on me. The shuffle was loaded, the batteries were charged, and out i went.

I was gonna go up to Central Park and soak it up. But, i got out at Grand Central for the hell of it and started walking up town. I got up to the 50's i guess along broadway, and by then i'd gone through 2 sets of batteries and the shuffle died too. I guess it was cold out. So me? I ain't goin' up to central park in a blizzard with no soundtrack and a bunch of dead batteries. I stopped in and bought a 4 pack of real double A's, probably the first time i've bought batteries over the counter since buying the cameras.

Those didn't last very long at all. I was surprised, but took it as a bit to do with Fate. I was meant to come home and see Central Park another day. (like tomorrow)

So, i came home and drank me some blue plum brandy, and set to editing and updating instead.

See, in the morning, i was walking down Van Blunt, and this guy, one of my neighbors, Dragan ilic, said hullo, and we got to talking, he invited me in for a little serbian plum schnapps, and a bit of cheese while we talked about art and process and so on. Interesting guy. Very cool actually. So, once i'd had my tipple and cheese, i got back out there and thought to myself, "you see? this is why folks like redhook. I mean, maybe they don't got Zima, but they got the Dragan. I think that's a fair trade.

The city is something to see in a snow storm. And i hope you'll enjoy some of the things i saw. One thing that struck me a lot while making photos was how the wind sculpts the snow on things. For instance, i was looking at some of the cars, and they seem as though they've been redesigned by mother nature, and i was thinking how cool they look that way. Surely they are more organic, but they also look like a cross between cars from the 50's and the space age cars i used to dream about or see in Popular Mechanics magazine when i would hang out at the library sometimes.

Also, i like the way the wind carves perfectly almost to the point of architectural radiuses and shapes in the snow. It really points to the idea that there just might be something out there that is bigger than either of us two.

I am curious though. I mean, this guy resigns from NASA over some flack about misinforming the country on climate and stuff, (and maybe fibbing pretty hard on his resume) and the next day we have a big honking blizzard right after a week in the 50's? What the hell are they working on down there? Maybe he threw the ol' nasa snow switch after he packed up his drawer at the office... yea. maybe.

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney is out gunning down lawyers, shooting them in the face with shotguns and stuff, thought he was gonna hit a quail? Sure he did. Poor little birds. And what exactly were they doing that posed a threat to our national security? Hiding in some bushes from a bunch of wahoos with shotguns? Serve's the bastards right. I say, if you're gonna shoot something, better to be hitting hotshot texas lawyers instead of little quails any day of the week.

anyway, enjoy the photos. i'll be around.

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