heavy fuel

alright. burning the midnight oil here. Got my hands on Sonja Pacho's 5d today and i have to admit man. it takes some nice pictures. It really does. I'm looking forward to doing it some more all day tomorrow. (today) ...(monday i mean)... like, in a couple of hours.

I went by that applestore today. Didn't really need anything, but i was meeting Sonja over there, and jesus. that place is a madhouse. It doesn't matter if it's christmas or not. I mean, the level of consumption in that place is flabbergasting. But i did see that dude, David Williams on the big screen, so that was pretty laid back.

then we strolled on down to chinatown, and there was some sort of commotion going on. I ate some Dim Sum over at Dim Sum Go Go that was pretty sweet man. I'll definitely go there again.

So yea, that place (chinatown) was lousy with cops today. They were coming in the windows.

Some of the street stuff from today made me laugh. I love this business of when street artists start censoring themselves. it's very tongue in cheek and profoundly entertaining to me. You'll see an example of what i mean in today's update. If you haven't been by in a while, check the archives, there was a bunch of stuff that went up last week too.

I'm not going to write much just now, because i want to get some sleep so i can get out there and run play camera in the morning. Maybe you can spot the difference between the images shot at the front of the day with my daily driver, the A620, and later when i started finger banging the spanking new 5d. When i got home, i processed some of the raws, and decided that i want try and get out early tomorrow so i can make some more photos.

I hope the weather's schweet for monday, but i do see a swirly in my weather icons. I think that means we'll have some gusty winds?

either way. i have to hit the sack. More soon!

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