peasant street

today was a pretty good day. I mean, it was ground hog day, and i do like that ground hog day. I mean, a few years ago, i stayed up late, or got up real early to see what was up with the ground hog. I was living in LA at the time, so sunrise on the east coast comes too early. It was such a disappointment that i vowed to never ever ever ever do it again, and i've kept true to my word. But what's interesting about today's event was that apparently there are warring ground hogs now. So you got this one ground hog saying we got a bunch more winter, and then this other ground hog saying that's all BS. ONLY IN AMERICA people. very good times. I mean, for me? I'd say if i'm wearing a T-Shirt outside and it's February, and i'm in New York City, we're doing alright. Ground Hog/Ground Schmog. Fuggem. Winter's on her last legs. (go ahead. TRY and prove me wrong ol' man winter. We've got over 30,000 new Hummer H2's on the road and climbing. We stand firm in our resolve. I mean, we have the H1's and the spanking new H3's out there too. Not to mention them International CXT's i was talking about a few days back. You're going down old man. You and your stinky ass glaciers are going to have to SCRAM. (Her last legs? Ol' Man winter? sure. I went to public school. why?)

i had batteries today too. I didn't shoot too much, but i'm giving you all i got. stem to stern. the whole card. All 36 pictures man. Keeping it real. A whole roll in 35 millimeter years. Mostly it's street stuff, but at the end of the day we did go to this restaurant called Peasant, over on Elizabeth street. Hung around with some of them Sopranos. Tony wasn't around, but we spent some time with Johnny Sack and Bobby Baccalieri. I also ate some pig, hot off the fucking spit. A baby one at that. Cooked over a FIRE. Drank that wine from down in the cellar. Shot a god damned fish too. I mean, no matter how you look at it, that's just a pretty good time.

I tell you what else. The dinner conversation was on point. My word the things that came up around our table. Enough to make the couples on either side of us get to blushing. I tell you, the things you hear when you're sitting around eating a flame roasted suckling pig...

Well listen, i gotta get to the ol' pillow, but i'll be back out there. And then i'll come back here. So check back. If you get a chance to come to new york, now's the time man. The weather's great. (of course, maybe it rains all day tomorrow and the next, but you know what? That's gonna happen sometimes.) One day a real rain will come, and wash all the scum off the streets... (re: DeNiro circa 1976) Yea. that'll be nice. no scum on the streets? Try and imagine that for a minute...

I'll be standing by.

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