the statch

yar. went down to jersey yesterday. seems like it was a really really long time ago now, but i did. I wanted to see what goes on behind the ass of the statch. There's a lot of industry going on back there. Just out the back. Straight off the ol' pooper as it were. Cars and Oil, and Trucks and Boats, and Factories and Corporate Offices, all that stuff.

I've been to a few corporate headquarters in the past few days, and they all have an interesting brand of security (in this age-of-terror). One of them, i went inside the place, and even though i had to have a name badge and everything, they got my name wrong, and this after giving them my license for about ten minutes. (which if you haven't seen, is already cause enough to be sure of what you're doing) Or. Wait. Maybe they didn't want a record of my having been there?! hmmmm... I'll have to look into that.

Anyways. This other one i walked into, this lady says, "are you dan connor?" Just as i'm coming through the door. And I thought, "wow. that's close enough lady. My My. Now, these folks have some pretty good security. I mean, I just drove here from Redhook in Brooklyn, and this is Connecticut, and here i get out of the car right by the lobby, walk in to the place, and already she's got my name..." (Note of course, i thought this, inside of my head so, it all happened much faster than it took for you to read it. *My brain is very fast. Especially with all this Tuna going inside of it lately... So anyways, I walk up to the counter, and say, "That's impressive! Yes, i am ...though, i'm sorry. I've forgotten your name..."

Mum's the word i guess, and she hands me a piece of paper to sign, then asks me to stand by the wall for a photo. Always happy to help someone take pictures, I promptly made a very frightening face and learched toward the lens at the very moment i had anticipated she would click the mouse. I nailed it. (told you. i'm fast.) The woman, she was nice enough. She laughed right out loud.She was a very pleasant lady in her navy blazer and silver hair cropped new england style.

READER NOTE: somehow, my deerpark browser crashed in this area, and the multiple paragraphs with witty anecdotes, clever links, and amusing photographs was lost. The short of it is, I didn't get a photo of the ID, but i did get one at the next place, as i had gone home and eaten a can of tuna. You'll just have to make up your own funny story about it, as i've already finished this post, and don't really want to recap. it was simply exhausting in the most humorous way. Trust me. Anyways, the rest of this post resumes mysteriously unhindered below:

...and so i says to the guy, that's no duck! that's my aunt melba!

And then we ran into LeeAnn Womack, uptown having a little brunch. Small world. Did you know that i am one of her 3675 MySpace friends? Think about it. That's something a lot of people aren't. I mean, we've got a world population of around SIX BILLION,490 MILLION ,222 Thousand,939 people, (give or take 1.4%) I mean. We're pretty close as friends go.

After that, I chatted with this dude felix. He was a photographer back in the day, and he wanted to sell me a norelco razor he found for 2 bucks. I didn't go waving my camera around him. I had to get going, and i figured we would just get to talking about all the awards he's won, and how he's a professional, and he got his first camera back when he was working down at the docks. Not pulling ropes, but as a kind of street performer. But then his girl left him, and that fucked with his mind, and then he hurt his back. Not at work, but at home, so he doesn't take any medication, and all that. I had to go man. Had to scoot across town and catch up with that dude, sean paul, for lunch and afternoon tea. Well, after that a quick drink, and then time to hit the road. Picked up the $115 parking ticket, right after paying $10 to pay for the meter before the ticket man came, and then $70 to park it in a garage or just get it towed.

Oh, plus there's this. So david, he jumps out of the truck this morning, and later on, opens the door for something, and out jumps his nice sport coat, right into a big puddle of New York's Cleanest run-off. PLOP! right in the gutter. Jeeze.

So later on, we roll up to Phillipe, where we're gonna eat some green prawns and crispy beef, maybe drink some cokes or whatever, and then, i open the back of the truck, and son of a bitch, if my nice sport coat doesn't just jump right out and land in an even bigger, and more offensive puddle of this crap! Jesus already. Right in the Gudda.

So, i'm tired now man. gonna burn one down and read some more margarita and take a nap man. Nap it till tomorrow. That's it.

The weather's been great. I gotta say. Oh, i was out blogging around earlier, you know, when you click that "NEXT BLOG" button? yea. i do that every day for a while. I came across this one earlier, and thought you might enjoy it too.

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