the wrap

There is one thing i don't like about redhook, and it's really a small thing, but you cannot find drinks like sparks, or zima, or anything like that out here. I mean, they've got the Von Dutch energy drink in diet, and regular. But ask for a Zima, and they look at you like you just asked them to give you a blow job.

Now, i'm not saying that i can't get on without it. I mean, they do sell tequila down here, and i guess that's a pretty close second to Zima. (and i don't mean the Zima XXX. that's the meat-head-hummer-driver version of the real deal.)

That said, i went to the Trovata show here the other night, at The Supper Club, up there around 47th or so. Pretty good times, except there was this one bouncer guy, didn't look much like Ice Tea, but, he thought he did. Man. The guy up and lifts my 22oz. Zima just as i'm strolling out to the balcony. Like, I was some 14 year old trying to sneak something into study hall or something. I could have (should have) slapped him. But i didn't do it. I had another one anyway. So, what i learned is, just pour it in a cup. Zima. it's as stealthy as you're gonna get this side of drinking straight vodka out of a poland springs bottle.

Other stuff that's been going on was a good ol' time with mister billy ray cyrus. I gotta show you this picture where he's wearing my Boca Ratons. But that's not going to happen today. Maybe i can get a scanned contact shot up there, don't sweat me about the dust. It's not the way i think about things. Look at the bigger picture. Oh, and i think i lost a gig worth of pictures somewhere. Maybe a couple gigs. I don't know for sure. I remember shooting them, but i don't see them around. So, i'll look around for those.

The first link in today's update over on the site is a bunch of stuff i shot with that 5d when i went downtown the other day. It's you know, a lot of buildings and stuff, but what i like about them is they force me to think about how fucking immense they are. I mean, you can't get around it. The buildings here are fucking Monstrous. I'm one of those people that will look at a building and imagine how much it must weigh. How much glass that is, how much concrete. How many concrete trucks? all those dudes pulling cable up through the walls, i mean, sure. these buildings have everything man. carpets. toilets. steel doors. Lots of stuff. Everywhere you look, there they are, and they're all just huge. So, i got sort of carried away with it, taking pictures of buildings i mean, but you know, it was fun. I was baked. My shuffle had a full charge, it was sunny. I kept thinking it didn't look like New York to me. It was too sparkly and clean. But, that's New York. It's got everything. What's not to love?

Oh, so back to the Trovata After Party... No. first, there was Park Bar, which i've mentioned before. Ol' Marco was out from the deep south of california, and since he's always got the cool card in his wallet, and i'm already a lifetime member, we went down and gave them some celebrity drinking. Sin ensued.

Next day, had a shoot that was a little brutal on my brainstem, on account of my celebrity level of consumption. I mean, i was alright, but it was no Bruce Jenner on Ice kind of day. Back from the shoot, went to the show, which i've mentioned, up at The Supper Club, and then took a short nap before rolling out to Happy Ending for the after party, which started out slow, but once you got the hang of it, it took off. Similar in the slow roller that blasted off some months ago, for the American Photo | American Illustrator party. (check the archives Ai|Ap party 11.18, you'll see how i mean)

Working on today's update was the first time i was undecided on which image to use for the splash page. I'm cool with my decision, but for the hell of it, i put images of my other choices in the Archives, under covers & splashes, in the Splash v2.0 section, just for the hell of it. I might just swap the images out each day, or maybe i won't, but they're in the archives either way.

Um. I think that's really all i want to say about it for now, because it's friday man, and i gotta get me a Raz.

enjoy the photos and, oh. this is cool actually. In case you didn't get enough to read today, I got some props over at Trainspotter, and they even did a little interview with yours truly. You can check that out after you check out my pics.

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