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every now and again, i get the idea that life really is like a movie, and you know, on top of that, movies are more like life every day. I remember when i was a kid and i would go check out a movie, and i would think, "man. imagine a life like that..." I mean, I had no illusions about my life, or my parent's lives being anything like E.T. and like, To Catch a Thief and stuff. What makes it a good movie or a bad movie i guess is subjective really. I imagine there would be a lot of folks out there that wouldn't go for, danconnortown the movie, but i dig it. It's got the bits where there's too much drama, then there's all the overacting and underacting. Then there's, "The Chase Scenes" and plenty of time in the crib. It's not always about going for that Oscar either. Somedays my life the movie is a real boxa-dookie. I mean, some days are even worse than going to see a movie at The Angelika in Manhattan. (no. i won't link to that k-hole | trust me, it's an all around bad experience.)

Yesterday was one of those days, not the boxa-dookie, but like the movies. By yesterday i mean wednesday, but now it's friday, so you know, by the time you read this, yesterday may not mean the same thing to you as it does to me. That's i guess what i'm saying. It's all about what you were about, but when you were there. (deep.)

For instance, some years ago, i went to see this new movie at a theater in Santa Rosa, it was supposed to be this great movie, and it had all the hot shots in it, like, at the time Kevin Spacey was this monster actor on the hollywood A-List, and he was in it. It was a movie called The Usual Suspects, and i guess i wasn't in the mood. I remember it as being one of the very first movies i had ever walked out of. I am pretty sure i left within the first 10 or 15 minutes, because i remember getting my money back, and the kid at the booth looked at me like i was a fucking moron.

At the time, i didn't get it. I figured, if anything this kid in the booth was the moron. I mean, come on. If i walk out of a movie, then it's got to be bad. (at least, that's how i always looked at it.)

A couple of years later, i was living in Los Angeles, and my friend made me sit down and watch it. I was blown away. I couldn't believe it was the same movie, except, i had remembered the opening sequence and everything. (so, you know. it was.) I sat cemented to the couch, in a complete state of shock & awe, as i learned about Kaiser Sosei. Several times i had to ask myself out loud, what the hell i must have been thinking that day? HOW could i have walked out of that movie? It was like a mantra.

Today? it's one of my all time favorite movies, so that experience obviously gave me a wallup in the ol' judgement of films based on first impressions pants.

Another movie i walked out of when i was living in Santa Rosa, was Sargeant Bilco starring Steve Martin. It was a piece of crap, and you couldn't convince me to give it another try, no matter what you said about it. It was a complete and total turd. But i've heard people say they liked it. So, you know. Maybe it's even better than Schindler's List, but i'll never know.

That said, today's update is like a scene found in bits, maybe on the cutting room floor, or maybe on deck for a story board, a scene that could be good in danconnortown the movie. It's got celebrities and great locations, there's drinking and chicks, there's a common thread, it's current, it's got scenes in restaurants, and bars, and the subways and even in the streets of new york themselves. There were babies and speed freaks, all the characters you could want in a movie that you wouldn't walk out of, are here.

As i was editing the images to post, i got into several of them simply because they brought back memories that had absolutely nothing to do with the main plot.

The main plot (i think) having a lot to do with (in this episode) my Boca Ratons. I think they're getting on in years. I mean, they still block the sun, and they still go over my glasses with ease and precision, but they're getting pretty pocked up by now. They've been through a lot, which is to say, i think they've finally paid for themselves.

I keep thinking that i want to say something important. Something politically charged or romantic, or irreverant. Something, but as it turns out, i'm just ready to take a nap instead. I'm getting up and walking out on this blog (the movie). On this post. But maybe i'll revisit it tomorrow and see it in a completely new light. Maybe it will become one of my all time favorite posts.

who's to say?


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